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Does eating less calories a problem


Good day friends

Even though I am allowed to eat 1400 plus calories, I am managing eating up to 800 calories and reducing weight not starving, is eating less a problem since I am managing carbs also it is going low calories

Please advise



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PippiRunsWorking at it

The way I see it, you might be causing problems for yourself by eating so little. Firstly, because there is a risk of not getting the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. Secondly, because you may be slowing down your metabolism because your body thinks there is a famine. Thirdly, it is not sustainable to eat that little In the long term. You probably won't be able to keep it up, so in a couple of weeks you might find yourself back on your old diet, and your weight may yoyo back to where you started.

Why not do a week on 1400 calories and see where it takes you?.

Hidden in reply to PippiRuns

I agree with this, especially the point about it not being sustainable. If you are genuinely not hungry, as opposed to just convincing yourself that you aren't, and you really don't want to eat any more food, I'd suggest you have a milky drink, or a smoothieto get your calories up to a minimum of 1200 cals a day. Calories in drinks slip down a lot more easily than calories in solid foods (one reason why too much of them makes people fat!), so they should overcome your lack of hunger and get more nutrients into you.

The odd day of 800 cals is not going to be harmful, and may even help you shift weight more quickly, priniple of intermittent fasting. But day after day of such a low intake is not good.

Jeyal in reply to Hidden

Hi I have replaced my rice with millets and sprouts instead of pulses. So calories go down but I am eating nutritious food

800 calories is too less.. Even if you sleep on the bed throughout the day... the body still requires about 1500 calories to function at a breakeven point.

I would suggest 1200 calories at least.

I have seen many people lose hair and suffer many other nutrient deficiency due to crash diet.

Please don't do crash diets. Eat healthy, stay fit and aim for long term fitness and happiness.


Im also noticing a drop in calories but then im being very selective of what I use my calories on. Learning calorie content is really helping me cut out the nasties, things I would normally eat without thinking. It deends on the nutrition of the calories I suppose but maybe try adding more to your diet... even every second day increase them?


Have a look at this, for a comprehensive answer, Jeyal

Thank you all for kindly educating me. I will increase the calories and ensure being healthy eater

I think you should increase your calorie intake just have more healthy things sweet fruits if you're worried about what you're eating. it's a dangerous game reducing to 800 long term. You're not doing yourself any favours there. Enjoy making interesting salads lots of different coloured fruits and vegetables pulses nuts lean meats and fish if you're happy to eat these things. Good luck if you reduce slowly it it stay off and it's easier to sustain a change in you're eating style.

Jeyal in reply to JeffDavies123

Thank you sure I will increase my calories


800 calories is too low. Read anything you like on line, in books or wherever, and it will confirm that 800 a day is too low for any adult. Yes you will lose pounds at first, but if you continue on a level that is below your personal BMR (you can check this on the online BMR CALCULATOR) , not only will you feel weak,but the weight loss will start to draw on muscle rather than fat. Please reconsider eating at least 1200 to 1400 calories a day. The most important thing is to steadily lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF FOR EVER, which can be achieved with more food than you're having. MANY OF US CAN VOUCH FOR THAT .

Thank you elliebath ,

I will make sure I increase my varieties of food to increase the calories.

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