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Giving Sweet Food a Miss

Joined the weigh-in on Thursday. Things are going reasonably well. I made up a sugar free jelly on Saturday along with a tin of mixed fruit in juice and some trifle sponges. I found that once I had eaten a portion of it, I wanted more but I didn't have any more. However from now on I will give sweet food a miss because I do have a weakness for sweet food and I didn't actually like the feeling I had after eating this.

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I don't have brakes, where sweet stuff is concerned, either, Lea and have also given it a miss!

You won't find it as difficult as you imagine, because the less you have, you less you want :)

All the best :)

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Hi i find hartleys sugur free jelly on it's own keeps me going although i have added danon probiotic yogurt to it. Good luck onwards and downwards👍

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