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Newbie - tips for getting the most out of the forum?

ClaireeH1 stone


It's my first day on the forum. At the end of last year I decided that I was going to make 2017 the year to get down to my ideal weight. So far so good, 11 pounds lost since New Year's Day, but the weight loss always starts well and then something happens and I end up eating again. This year is going to be different and I hope by joining you all on here that we can all help each other on our journeys and we can all get to our destination (very cheesy but true!).

As I have never been part of a forum like this it was be really helpful if any not-so-newbies could tell me your tips about getting the most out of the forum.

Please could I also have a newbie badge?

Thanks all

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Hi, welcome. I have found reading and responding to messages makes me feel I am not alone. I particularly like hearing where other people are on their journey and what has helped them. I find it easier to say to a strange on here that I still way 19 stone than I ever would to a friend - only my husband and personal trainer know the truth! I have picked up lots of tips about diet and exercise and found a few laughs too along the way. I like seeing the same people as well so following people is a good way of keeping up with some people you get on with. Good luck! How much do you want to lose?

ClaireeH1 stone in reply to EllaMidlands

Thanks for the tips. I definitely think spending time reading and responding to messages will help me to stay motivated. I need to lose another 5 stone to get to get into the healthy weight category. Congratulations on the weight you have lost so far. You're doing really well ☺

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi ClaireHB

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

Take a look at the "Welcome Newbies" post in the pinned post section on the right side or if on a mobile at the bottom. Below that in the Topic section you will find lots of helpful posts. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan on the Home page.

Feel free to join us in any of the challenges also in the pinned post section. They are fun to join and good at keeping us all motivated.

Our weigh-ins are daily Monday to Saturday, Monday and Tuesday are at the moment oversubscribed, but please feel free to join us any day between Wednesday to Saturday. You can find the weigh-in post for the day in the Events section on the home page on the right hand side.

Enjoy your first week.


ClaireeH1 stone in reply to YellowRose55

Thanks for the tips Rose. I will definitely check out the challenges and I have joined the Saturday weigh-in. I'm going to print off week 1 of the 12 week plan today.

Thanks again!


EllaMidlands5 stone in reply to ClaireeH

See you on Saturday for the weighin ClaireeH ! We can do it!

jopo3 stone

Hi and welcome ClaireeH

Top tip from me. Spend some time just having a poker around.

Choose Wednesday for you weigh-in day. There's plenty of space.

Reply, like and post lots.

You will look back and say THIS was the day !!!

Stick with us. Xx


jopo3 stone in reply to jopo

moreless will help pin that Newbie badge to your lapel.


jopo3 stone in reply to jopo

Ooo it's already done !

ClaireeH1 stone in reply to jopo

Thanks for the tips Jo. I will definitely spend time on here having a look around and posting and responding. I've signed up for a weigh in too.

Well done on your weight loss so far. How much weight do you want to lose?

Thanks again


jopo3 stone in reply to ClaireeH

Hi Claire

I want to lose 60lbs.

Lost 10lbs so far and I've had a good week so far, weigh -in tomorrow. I'm a Wednesday wobble warrior - it's the best day of the week !!!


Jo xx

Hi and welcome to the forum. I have found the group so friendly. I get many messages every day but it also helps to keep me going and continues to push me further. If you want to ask a question just ask, it doesn't matter what it is, no-one seems to judge you, they just help you and continue to always answer. It is great and even anyone or anytime that someone says they have had enough they still seem to continue to keep them on the site somehow. I love it 😍 and have never found a site or weight loss group that is so wonderful before.

ClaireeH1 stone in reply to HubbysMissMouse

Thanks for responding. It does feel like a supportive place and that everyone is working towards the same goal and no one is judging anyone. Well done on the weight you've lost. Good luck with the rest ☺

Hi just joined and I am at that fearful stage of commitment where everything feels a bit overwhelming

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