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Hi all,

In my job it's not out of the usual for me to do 15,000 to 22,000 steps a working day.

The other day I walked 10 miles.

It's safe to say my legs hurt like hell!

I enjoy swimming and do so when possible with my other half.

However what other excerise to you do?

I enjoy yoga but don't do it very often but plan to this year!

I have also done a few work out videos off youtube which have been alright but need a decent amount of room!

So any ideas?

I don't like running mind! Have a slightly dodgy knee.

Thanks :)

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Please remember, if you do activity almost every day it needs to be of a low intensity. Any activity that is intense enough to elicit an adaptive response i.e. an improvement in strength or stamina, needs longer than 24.2 hours for full recovery and adaptation to take place.

You can't outrun a bad diet.

I cycle to work and back two or three times per week, about an hour round trip, and strength train, for fitness not weight control.

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Thank you for the advice.

I don't want to do exercise to fix a bad diet.

I want to exercise to help with weight loss and get moving and feel better about myself!

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I think you need ideas for your arms not your legs!! Swimming is great exercise if you're on your feet all day - what about training for a swimming challenge later this year? My husband loves swimming and a few years ago followed a plan called 'Swimfit' - have you heard of it? It gave a bit of structure to a swim session, and is aimed at improving fitness - its a programme you follow over a number of weeks or months. Do what you enjoy I think thats the key.


I've heard of swim fit but never looked into it. Thanks for the advice!


Hi, it looks like you pretty active already, but you could try doing a muscle toning and sttrengthening routine twice a week, to give you a nice firm shape as you lose weight.


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