Still plodding a bit!

Well, I am basically maintaining since the new year started. I am obviously still eating a bit too much to see a loss.

I did one of the 10 minute cardio workouts today, twice! It might help, but I should try to do it more regularly!

My 12yr old daughter volunteered to make dinner yesterday, which was a lovely treat. She made asparagus risotto, and there was enough for tonight too. I am not going to have any snacks until bed though. I think that's where I've been slipping up a bit!

Let's hope I can see a pound off this week?


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6 Replies

  • I'm the same Ruby8 😕 but don't really want to eat any less. I'm working on my fitness too, and definitely smaller and more toned ☺ stick with it for a few more weeks ☺

  • You could be right about the snacks, they are sneaky sometimes! Good luck for next week.

  • I've been 'stuck' since Christmas too. But I realise that I have been snacking too. The good news is I'm beginning to understand what I'll need to eat to maintain, when I reach my target weight !

    Good luck with staying out of the kitchen tonight

  • You are not alone. Since Christmas my weight has remained constant and I tell myself it is ok I am maintaining. Who am I kidding ?!! I don't want to maintain at this weight, must lose another one and a half stone. I am not eating enough but this weather I only seem to want soup.

  • I know what you mean! I'm struggling to want salad in the cold weather. I've been making lots of batches of roast veg which is warm and filling 😀

  • Indeed, joanie-o and Biscuit0107 in the summer I rely on having 'cold' food like yoghurt, cottage cheese and salad. In winter those comforting carbs keep calling me! Never mind....January will be over soon! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

    Have a good week my friends! X

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