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My first week

Hi All,

This is my first time , I have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid and put so much on weight , and I have been going trough a very difficult time , therefore think I found some comfort eating and became obese. I m trying to understand how much I should lose , can someone help me how to do it , please.

Basically need to know how many calories a day I should eat and how many Kg I should loose.

Thank you ,


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Hi elliejesus please see my reply to you in your other thread.


Welcome to the forum. Look at the NHS bmi index and this will tell you how many calories you should be eating every day. It gives two amounts that you can eat between e.g 1456 -1856 and you need to eat anything between this amount of calories and you will be able to lose weight. Don't eat less though as it is not good to do this. The NHS bmi also tells you what your weight should be. Read the Welcome Newbies pinned post that is on the right hand side or if you are using a mobile it is at the bottom of the page and have a good look around the site. If you need to ask any questions please make sure you do, as questions do always get answered and people are really friendly on here. Good luck with your weight loss

We also do weigh ins Monday -Saturday but unfortunately Monday and Tuesday are fully booked so you won't be able to join this but you can join any day between Wednesday - Saturday. Don't worry if you don't lose weight one week everybody has bad weeks but still log in your weight and others will make you feel better and keep you going.


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