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Week 3 and an expected blip

After a killer week 2 (4 more lbs - 7.4 total), I hit week 3 knowing full well that it would be a doozy. I spent the week eating like I was back at uni whilst studying for and sitting two exams. Honestly, I knew that it would be bad and I owned it. So I put on 3.8 pounds. Wanna know why I am cool with this?

1. I knew it was coming. I planned for it.

2. Life happens, thats why I am focusing on the long term goals.

3. My goal is 52 lbs in 52 weeks.

Its not a weekly goal, its an annual goal. And by my calculation, this is week 3 and Im down 3.8lbs. Therefore I am ahead of the game!!!

Have a great week everyone!

Noel xxx

Start 262

Current 258.2

Loss: 3.8

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Love your thinking...xx

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That's a really good mindset to have :)

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I was similar, lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks , then 3rd week gained a lb, the reason? Parties, eating out and drinking wine! . I like how you are thinking long term, I was fed up to have put on weight at only my 3rd weigh in. In the past I think I'd have just given up the diet but it really helps to hear about other people's experiences, and to see the long term goals, not just weekly weight loss but a change of life style is what is important


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