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Feeling Good

Hello Everyone

Day 2 no chocolate major issue for me (small bix of maltesers 2 days) that could be everyday. Yet I still managed to lose 2st. But decided enough have to kick the habit and the only chocolate in is Toblerone which I can't eat at the moment (fake temp tooth means I can't bite anything using my left front tooth. Will see how it goes.

Yesterday was a good day at the gym ran 2k in 15mins, 10mins ab exercises, 50mins HIIT bootcamp class ended with 2k run 13mins. Due to bad cold followed by Dr taking me off the HRT welcomed hot flushes and no energy, (hot flushes are bad) both end of November. Today no aches so feeling very pleased.

Hope that everyone is feeling this good.


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I'd be feeling good if I managed all of that exercise. Toblerone yummy ;)


Hello Wendy Gottodothis

I'm happy that you are slowly readjusting to no HRT ☺ it takes a while doesn't it? I've been almost 6 months since Hysterectomy and just about back to normal ☺

Chocolate is a tough one, I really struggle to restrict myself if i have any so avoid it in general, have dates or berries if I get a sweet craving, also get mega hot flushes if I overdo sweet stuff 😕

Best wishes



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