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So confused!

Hi everyone.

I'm 54 and obese (how I hate that word) and have recently discovered I have gallstones after three very painful episodes. I've been advised to lose weight, which I was determined to do anyway this year as I've an important wedding to go to in November.

My problem is this;

I've never counted calories in my life

I haven't a clue what the RDA is for fats and sugars etc

According to my BMI check and my calculations I should be eating twice the amount I'm currently eating😮 how does that work out?

On the plus side I managed to lose 2 lb last week 😀

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Well done on starting your weight loss journey! I'm sure the Admin bods on here will point you in the right direction, but do look at the pinned posts for newbies.

See below from a website someone here flagged up yesterday.

"Mistake: You don't eat enough

You need to cut calories to lose weight, but it's important not to overdo it. Going too low delivers a double whammy to your metabolism. When you eat less than you need for basic biological function (about 1,200 calories for most women), your body throws the brakes on your metabolism. It also begins to break down precious, calorie-burning muscle tissue for energy, says Benardot. "Eat just enough so you're not hungry—a healthy snack midmorning and midafternoon between three meals (about 430 calories each) will keep your metabolism humming." By eating a meal every 3 to 4 hours, you'll stay satisfied and keep from overeating later in the day."

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Hi sorry you've had health problems

Calorie counting is easy but it has to be strict otherwise if we don't log every food and drink item we have it's easy to over eat That's everything that goes in our mouths we consume

It all needs to be weighed and measured

Say fur example every day you added 2 sugars to your tea but only put on your calorie tracker you had 1 sugar calories X 4 a day = 420 extra calories a week not logged along with an odd piece of bread slice meat fruit this is why people stop losing weight or lose slow is the little extras we don't realise add up to loads calories

You say you should be eating twice as much ? Twice as much calories you e allowed yourself now or before ?

Get a myfitnesspal account they are free

Don't go by the universal setting 1200 calories you can change your on there this is a free site to track calories and make like minded friends

To find your calories research BMR & TDEE personally looking at NHS calorie guide I feel it's much to high and we have to remember we all lose differently age medication hormones diet history health

Good luck I'm sure you'll be doing fab week in week out x


The NHS bmi calculator gave me a min and max amount of calories. So I took and average day and counted everything I consumed and it didn't come anywhere near the minimum. I wasn't hungry, I didn't have anything sugary or high in fat, I had lots of fruit and veg. I guess the bmi calculator has got it a bit too high for me.


How are you working your calories out from what source ?


NHS calorie counter

I try to eat healthily by having lots of fruit and veg. I only have skimmed milk. Never take sugar. Only eat lean meat. Have fish twice a week. Only have red meat once or twice a week. Rarely fry. Only wholemeal bread etc etc


Are you weighing and measuring everything you have all fruit veg drinks bread etc

Are you writing everything down adding it all up ?



I must have missed something though

I've started from scratch today. Day one. Week one.

So far I total 301.5 calories.

I'm just about to have lunch...late I know but I don't work regular hours


Morning Loulouloves

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

Sorry to hear you have not been well recently. A wedding is a lovely goal to aim for and will help to keep you motivated. Well done on losing 2lbs this week.

Take a look at the "Welcome Newbies" post in the pinned post section on the right hand side or at the bottom if your on a mobile. In the post you will find a link to the nhs 12 week plan and a BMI checker to work out your daily calories.

Feel free to join in with any of the challenges also found in the pinned post section. They are fun to do and can be good motivators to keep us moving.

Our weigh-in are run from Monday to Saturday, Monday and Tuesday are full at the moment but you are very welcome to join in any day from Wednesday to Saturday. You will find the weigh-in posted in the "Events" section on the Home page on the right side.

Enjoy your first week.


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Hello Loulouloves

Welcome to the forum

If you find you are struggling counting calories this portion guide may help.


Best wishes


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Thanks Anna

That looks as if it may be very helpful

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Good luck ☺


Try keeping a food diary. You will be able to see what food trigger ur attacks. Also dont eat big meals that seems to set them off. Plenty of water and try not to eat right before you go to bed.

Hopee this helps x


Thank you. I am keeping a food diary and I've downloaded my fitness app which is brilliant. I don't eat huge meals, I seem to be better with little and often.

Big problem for me is regular eating pattern as I work strange shifts which don't always suit regular eating. One day I could have breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1.30 and dinner at 7.30 and the next day it could be 10am, 3pm and 9.30! Then followed by bed at 11 cos I've to be back at work for 9 the next day. I try to make sure I have my main meal midday if it's going to be a late shift (finish anytime after 11.30pm) but as you can see, my eating pattern is all over the place.


A little light-hearted thought! The Spanish word for obese is obeso, which when you split it up into o and beso means

oh! a kiss!

I remember this when feeling a bit down about having a BMI of 40+ (but not for much longer!)

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