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Well you know how you set yourself those goals and challenges for new year I set them. Couldn't believe I then slipped a disc. Got better thank goodness and then the car packed up. It's all good though, a blessing in disguise. Walking far more because I have no car and exercise is strengthening my back too. Hopefully will lose weight along the way but haven't checked the scales since before chrimbo. Going to feel good first. New moto don't give up x

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8 Replies

  • I feel your pain - literally! I ruptured two discs last August. I am only just properly back on my feet doing all the things I used to. Back on the weight loss journey now. Good luck to you.

  • You too chuck :)

  • Painful! I slipped a disc in my thoracic area after an accident at work last April and consequently was dismissed in July as was still having problems. New year, new start, back's better, going to shed 6 stone, run like the wind and feeling good will be the new me...xx

  • I'm with you on that, though I think I'm more like gump lol

  • Go for it:)

  • Happy New Year Maris_

    Sorry to hear about your back, mine is slowly healing but it's been so painful 😕 I'm glad you are on the mend, walking really helps me too ☺

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Anna x

  • Good for you, turning negatives into positives, hope your back is feeling a lot better now. I like your motto. Good luck.

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