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So, after going on my cycle machine each day and doing between 8k-10k each day as well as additional walking and muscle belt I have lost weight. I started at 16st7lb and in 1 week I have gone down to 16st3lb. I am happy about this.

I will continue to do what I said as well as once a week do a 10k walk, this week me and my friend are going around our local park. Also a possibility is that we go shopping in our two local cities. Past few times we have done this we have walked over 12k. Normally we have a few beers and a burger from burger king, but this time I'll just take some sandwiches or soup or buy a greggs or something. Because he will be going for an interview, I will wait for him in a pub so I will have a beer, but will do a little more cycling to counter it.


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5 Replies

  • Very well done TheWolverine ☺ that's a very good weight loss

    I like your plans for city days ☺ I try to find a nice park to sit and eat my packed lunch in ☺ I also carry water as you can get quite dehydrated and it avoids the need for repeated coffee shop or pub visits, I just have the one ☺

    Best wishes


  • I always take a bottle of water with me. Only going to pub to wait for my friend really, only have one beer, Im not a big drinker anyway.

  • Congratulations TheWolverine, and great name I love the xmen! You are doing really well, you are really in control. I hope you are enjoying your efforts to some degree, other wise it will be hard to maintain? all the best. jp.

  • Yeah, its ok. Because of ive got my own cycle machine at home, i just put a video game on and cycle. Biggest problem so far is that i cant complete battlefield 1 thanks to a glitch :/ lol. Plus on the walks you are outside ans having a laugh with friends

  • That's great, enjoy. Jp.

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