How do you make up for a bad weekend?

We gave in and ordered pizza yesterday. :( I went in total 300 calories over my destined amount.

How do other people make up for their food mistakes?

On the positive I've learnt that I won't ever give in again as I didn't enjoy it, had a tummy ache, and regretted it before I'd even finished it. I didn't eat a whole pizza, but when it comes to a take away I feel like anything more than two slices is too much.

Anyway, I just wondered how other people react and how do they make up for it? Is it possible to still get a weight loss when I weigh on Friday?

Hope everyone else had more successful weekends! :)


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8 Replies

  • Maybe a bit of low GI/carb until Friday and some exercise sessions. Isn't it funny about pizza it really doesn't taste good to me anymore- I am spoiling myself with homemade cooking 😀

  • I will give it a go! :) I definitely won't bother with pizza in future as it's not worth the emotional episode that follows it!

  • Hi- I had a similar thing yesterday but it was a large bag of crisps (crisps and bombay mix are my weakness)- it was a bit easier since I hadn't eaten tea- so I didn't have my sandwich as planned. I will do some exercise today and i'll start today as a fresh day for the calories but I wouldn't reduce today's calorie allowance by 300 to make up for the extra calories from Saturday. Take today as a fresh start. Maybe once a month plan to have a pizza treat but include the calories in your daily allowance so have a small breakfast and lunch so you have enough calories to cover the pizza

  • Thanks :) I'll try not to over compensate with my Calories

  • Don't beat yourself up about it! You could treat as a one-off for this week, and maybe up the exercise a bit or just try and eat healthier the rest of the week. You might still get a loss on Friday. Even if calorie counting is your main method of losing weight, the scales might also vary depending on water retention, hormones, salt intake, anything. I've definitely had weeks where I've eaten a lot of rubbish but somehow still seen a loss. I honestly don't think a one-off surplus of 300 calories is going to make a lot of difference, especially if it's your only one.

    My personal experience is that if you tell yourself you can't have something, or that you'll never have it again, you're more likely to be tempted by it in the future because it becomes a sort of forbidden object, so you crave it more. I absolutely love pizza and could literally eat it everyday and not get bored. For me a life without pizza is a bleak one indeed ;) so I just have it less frequently, savour it more when I do, and don't feel the need to have it every week. we still have to enjoy eating food, and not let our diets make us miserable.

    BUT if you genuinely didn't enjoy the pizza, and don't think you will in the future, then that's fine too :) I've given up cola pretty much coldturkey because I hated the way it made me feel, so that is an option too.

    Anyway, be kind to yourself :)

  • Thank you for your lovely reply :) I will see what the scales say on Friday! :)

  • Hi Kinburn I had a bit of a blip at weekend as well so am cutting my daily calories back and going to do more exercise for the next four days, in the hope that I can fix it by Friday weigh in. Today is a new week, we live and learn. Have a good week.

  • You could do one of 2 things:

    Cut back 300 cals over the course of the week, to make up for the additional calories. This would only means cutting back a little bit each day.

    Or you could just simply ignore it. It's just one day, so the worst it can do is postpone your reaching goal by one day, which isn't that awful when you think about it.

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