week 2 and having to think very carefully

Well here I am at the beginning of week 2. Having lost 2lbs last week and being away all weekend at my daughters helping with the decorating and not being 'in charge' of the food has lead to me going over my calorie allowance. I thought I was being mindful to a degree about what was going in my mouth and I wrote down everything I ate and I chose to eat those doritos and 5 chocolates, can't blame anybody else for that!!! I'm hoping that the dog walks and many trips up and down the ladder may have helped but need to do damage control all week as its her birthday next weekend and she wants Chinese take away. So my plan is to cut my calories down by 100 a day and incorporate more exercise. I know its going to be a challenging week as my daughter is coming home on Wednesday evening and staying until Sunday so we can have some quality mum/daughter time (no DIY in sight). Still hoping I can shift a pound by Friday but may have to accept maintaining.

Wishing everybody a good week.


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6 Replies

  • Well done for last week's weight loss and with all of that DIY and cutting back this week I think you might have this week sussed. Good luck :)

  • thank you Nessie and I do hope you're right😃

  • I think you will be ok if you are careful now- can you convince her to do Indian it is easier to find something low calorie. Either way I have started cooking my own rice, brown basmati. It's healthier and I can calorie control it if I have to have a take away 😀

  • 2 thinks against Indian, her husband doesn't like it and she's being particularly fussy at the moment as she is pregnant and doesn't really fancy much at all, we could all be on dry bread by Saturday lol🤗

  • Oh I remember that feeling 😕 When I was pregnant I could only face crispy duck for take away- no wonder I put on so much weight! Oh well Chinese it is but try my rice trick! Failing that hairy dieters do some awesome "fakeaways" good luck 😉

  • You sound like you have a good plan regarding the 100calorie drop. I love when my daughter home..... They grow far too quickly. Have a lovely weekend with your daughter.

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