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Sugar makes you overeat?

On January 2nd I decided to cut out cakes, biscuits and sweets and I have been losing weight well. I still eat natural sugars (but not like the ridiculous 'sugar free' recipes where they use maple syrup or honey to replace sugar - doh!) fruit and veg. But on Saturday I was baking shortbread cups and whisky and marmalade bread and butter pudding. I was trying out recipes for Burns night and I tried one of each. 🍪

Then I just went crazy and raided the fridge!! 🧀🍦🍗

Sugar really does a act like a drug. Nasty stuff. I'm back on the wagon!

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Chocolate definitely has that effect on me so I avoid it 😜

Well done climbing back on that wagon 😊😊😊


Or maybe it was the whiskey, they say consuming alcohol makes dieters make unwise choices ;) Have a great night :)

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You're so right about alcohol. But it was only 2 tablespoons in the puddings.

Burns Night I promise it was whisky, not whiskey!


I suppose you're wiser now! I also find that sugar is extremely moreish. I think there is a physical reason, but, for me, it is also psychological - somehow I think "I've blown it today", and then use it as an excuse to eat more.

Mind you, far far worse than sugar is alcohol - if I drink one glass of wine, it's like I've not eaten for weeks, and I really attack the cheese sandwiches big time! I've reluctantly concluded that wine and I must part....


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