Anyone else finding their digestion changing?

Hi all,

I have been coming here to NHS Weight Loss for nearly six weeks now. Calorie counting for the first five weeks, then last week I was doing the 5:2 to give my weight loss a kick start. So I have eaten in moderation, even over Christmas. But until this week, I hadn't touched the Christmas cake. This week I have had two pieces (no, not at once! last Tuesday and today). And both times it has given me terrible indigestion. I never used to have a problem with Christmas cake, but obviously, my digestive system doesn't like it any more. Anyone else find they can't tolerate certain foods, now they have got into good habits?


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6 Replies

  • I found I got indigestion on my paleo diet even after eating grapefruit or cauliflower. Think it was my body's way of asking what's was going on. I never got indigestion after pizza and ice cream. It has gone away now although I still can't look at grapefruit as I thought I was going to die last time!

    So will you be throwing the cake away? Maybe feed it to the birds!

  • I really like the moto you have put on the weighin post. You are so right Trimmerteacher , why do people do this?

  • Cant throw it away - OH will finish it off.😊

  • I now get indigestion if I eat a very fatty meal.

    (Not saying fats are necessarily bad btw, as I know many on this forum follow high fat diets, just that the body seems to adapt to changes in diet and then gets surprised by a sudden reversion.)

  • Yes , I use to eat fish n chips from shop weekly ! Last Sept began weight loss so hadn't had fish n chips until last night . I had lost 2lb short of three stone and really fancied a piece of fish with a few chips . An hour later my tummy was on the go, I woke in the night, then after my morning run had to make a dash for the loo. Think I will only be having them very occasionally!!

  • I always get indigestion with any fatty foods or fizzy drinks. I think your digestion must change.

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