From strength to strength

Another week down, and I've lost a further 2lbs, so I'm ready happy that the loss is continuing, start weight 19st 12lbs last week I weighed 12st 5.2lbs and today I weigh 12st 3.2lbs,, overall I've lost a total of 7st 8.8lbs, my goal is another 5.2lbs then I will reach the 8stone loss, as I also save £1 for every 1lb lost, I now have £107 (just for losing weight), so everything is looking great, eyes on the prise B-)

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  • That is incredible and hats off to you. I know just how dedicated you must be to have lost that amount of weight and to still be losing!

    Keep it up and keep sharing your success - great motivation to others!

    If you had to give a new member one sound piece of advice about losing weight, what would it be? :D

  • Thank you Pineapple

    Yes dedication is just one part of it, but its defiantly worth while.

    ohh and advice for a newbie! i would defiantly say, don't look at it as a short term fix, this time around im seeing it as a lifestyle change, something manageable, and dont give up, don't be to hard on yourself as were all human, anything is possible if we want it enough :)

  • Wow, you have done so well. What sort of diet are you on?

  • Thank you Ella

    I'm not actually on a diet (i don't like to restrict myself, as it causes me to fail)

    I see this time around as a lifestyle change, i started by seeing where i was making mistakes, then slowly eating less of that particular food until it does not interest me, then making better choices in there place, there were foods i loved and ate daily i know longer have, as they dont interest me,

    for instance; i now only drink water (no hot drinks, fizzy drinks, energy drinks or squash) , i dont count calories either, i know roughly what is in the foods i eat, i have just learnt portion control and understanding when i'm full,,

    Hope your well, well done on losing 4stone :)

  • You got it sussed rjay.. its a lifestyle change you are spot on, people usually diet short term but if they look at it the way you are doing they will have more success.

  • Thank you jimtom, i find with a diet people give themselves a time schedule or to a certain occasion to lose the weight for, then go back to normal, then complain when the weight goes back on (i've done this) now i've realized lifestyle is the only way that works long term

  • Very true rjay, Would be great to see how you are going in the future, keep us posted.

  • i defiantly will jimtom, got a little further to go, but will be updating along the way :)

  • Thank you rjay :)

  • Wow that's absolutely brilliant 😊👍

    I too save £1 for 1lb I wonder what we will treat ourselves to?

  • Thank you itsbab

    I like the idea as its a visual reminder of how far we have come, and yes have thought about it, and still undecided and what to spent it on,

  • wow. your continuing to do so well... you are an inspiration to us all. I still need to lose 6st and your proof it can be done... keep doing what you doing as it's obviously working for you x

  • Thank you Claz

    6stone if defiantly possible, i seen your what motivates you list and you seem full of determination, and wish you all the luck in the world

    Cant wait to see that 6stone badge by your name :D

  • thankyou... I can't wait to see that 6st badge too it must feel so gooooood !

  • Wow rjay95 Wow. You must be so proud of yourself. Well done and thank you for sharing this with us. 👏👏👏

  • Thank you Cockneyblue, yes i am :D

  • Wow amazing well done you x

  • Thank you Paulapips

  • I like the tip about saving £1 per 1lb weight loss. I'm going to do that

  • Yes its a really god visual, and gives you motivation to add to it :)

  • Great going rjay .

  • Thanks gman

  • Well done, just starting,I want to lose a stone's see how I get on when I weigh myself on Weds the end of the first week.Good luck to reach the further goal you wish to achieve.xx

  • Thank you 3snow4, best of luck with your journey :)

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