Hi everyone. I've been reading other posts, goals and successes since New Year so thought it was about time I said hello as a newbie. So far so good, in the past three weeks I have lost 7kg by eating approx 1400cals a day. My husband has kindly taken the remaining Christmas chocolates to work out of my reach and temptation.

Altogether aiming to lose 28kg to get to a healthy BMI although my first goal is to lose another 8kg so I'm no longer classed as obese. I've been in this category for as long as I remember and now with two young children (9weeks and 3years) I want to provide them with a healthy role model and in turn have more energy to run, play and climb with my boys!

I have found the reduced calories ok as long as I plan my meals in advance but the thought of adding 150 minutes of exercise a week fills me with fear. But that's my goal next week! Or in fact my goal is to do atleast 30 minutes of planned exercise, which I think is a more realistic start for me. Thanks to those who have posted since new year and given me the encouragement to start this journey to healthiness!


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8 Replies

  • Morning MagnoliaDawn

    Wow, well done in losing 7kg over the last 3 weeks, would you like a 5kg badge? Good idea to get hubby to remove the chocolates, out of sight and out of mind.

    Have you checked your calorie allowance with the BMI checker, it a more personal amount taking into account your height, age, sex and weight and may allow you a little more than 1,400 calories.

    If 150 minutes exercise is too much then start slowly. I started it by doing 10 minutes at a time and each week added another 10 minutes until I got to 150minutes.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  • Thank you for your reply. Oh I'd love a badge please! I'll check for a personal calorie allowance thank you, so far I've managed on 1400 but I don't want to be aiming too low and end up giving up because I'm not eating enough. I'm not aiming to lose fast, I just want to be healthy!

    I've not had exercise in my life for way too long so it's a great idea to build it up slowly. I was going to aim for 30 minutes this week but may need to add 10 minutes each week after that so I'm not over faced.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  • Hope you like your new shinny badge.

  • Hi well done great loss :)

    DONT start an exercise plan you cant keep is my exercise advice

    Walkings great and home DVDs zumbas fun love it find a friendly local group once a week plus walking is great

    That way you can keep it up

    The key to success is finding something you like not dread :) x

  • Great advice 👍 Thanks! Start small and manageable. I got a Fitbit for Christmas so upping my step count would be a great place to start! And I'll research local fitness classes and might rope in a friend so I don't make excuses and not go if it's raining!

    Well done on your 2 stone loss, you give me hope! Thanks

  • Welcome !

    It's so important to eat healthy when you have children, they will eat what you buy. This is a great forum, great advice and lovely supportive people.

    You'll do this ! Great to have a plan, increase exercise and remove chocolates :)

    We have space on our Weigh-in Wednesday's if you want to share your loss and collect the badges - I promise it's so motivating.

    Have a great weekend xx

  • Yes i think I will join the Wednesday weigh-in thanks. If I'm going to get a healthy lifestyle to become the norm I'll need the motivation and advice to keep me I'm a sucker for a badge!

  • Hi Tubbyd - definitely start the walking slowly and make sure you build up on what you did yesterday or last week, that's the best way to go. I once did a Joanna Hall weight loss thingy, which worked, but I was exhausted! We had to do 10k steps a day but I found I was out the house, in the house, out the house, in the house.... you get the picture - my day was disrupted! I now find it better to do one long walk a day but boy can I make an excuse not to do it. I like the free fitness apps to clock up how many steps i've done in a week, because if the distance drops, I feel guilty. Sometimes I do have to force myself out of the front door, but I can honestly say I never regret the walk once I'm back! Like nasty tasting medicine, you just have to take it on the chin and do it! Good luck to you.

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