Losing 3 stone by May


I weigh 12 stone 1. I have a busy life with three children and little time for the gym. I know I need to eat better and less and fit in some exercise, but the question is how?

How much do I need to lose each week to get to 9 and a half stone by May, is it do able, amd what's the best way to do it?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


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16 Replies

  • You're looking to lose 36lbs over a period of 14 weeks, which is 2.5lbs a week. Healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a week, so I think you are being a bit optimistic. Check out the NHS 12 week plan, which advocates calorie counting (aiming for around 1400 calories a day).

    Exercise wise, try taking your kids swimming, or going for lots of long walks. Diet is more important, so introducing lots of veggies and green leafless is your best bet!

  • Hi there . Try t25 or insanity. At home.

  • Hi Sep9oct10,

    If yoy have a phone that can use apps try myfitnesspal, go to more then goals you put in what you want to lose, then put 30% carbs 35 of each protein fat ( understand when you pur the app on). It calculates your steps adds them to your allowance already minus valories to lose weight. Put in what you eat (uncooked) and it works it out. It is easy to use.

    Try yogurts likw liberte, total. Others are high in fats or carbs or sodium.

    Spread meals out I eat breakfast 8.30, then 12 i will have houmous and kalloa rice cake, 3 2 eggs 10g sweetcorn, peas pepper 30g carrot courgette 2.eggs frittata. Then main meall 6-7 meat lots of veg and eat yout spuds last. Yogurt peanut butter tangerinr 9. Breakfast 20g porridge oats 30g boiled water 100g yogurt soak over night and add 30g berry fruit any kind.

    Good luck on your journey, updates please.


  • Liberate yoghurts are full of sugar though - when I tried slimming world, 1 tiny yoghurt pot was 9syns (daily allowance was 15syns) due to the sugar content alone. Far better to buy plain yoghurt and add frozen berries or honey yourself.

  • Plain yogurt all the way. They do a 500g pot.

  • I did Slimming World, I hardly lost any weight, but had to pay out £5 every week, to be told that! The amount of food they say you can eat is ridiculous. They tell you, you need to eat more to lose weight!! It might work for people without thyroid problems? The leader of my group, didn't have a clue about thyroid problems, or how difficult it is for us to lose weight? I think it's better and cheaper to do it yourself, or with friends.

  • Hi,

    I have theee kids also ranging from 6 to 10 months.

    I started walking to school everyday. It's a 25 min walk there and a 25 min walk back. We live in a hilly area so up and down hills. It's a struggle for my three year old but she manages. The older Ines only go one wAy as they go to school and Pre school.

    Then I come home and potter about. Put my baby for a nap, log onto body coach on you tube and do a 15 or 20 min hard work out with joe wicks.

    I have enough time to get my breath back, have a shower get dressed and pick up my daughter for 12.

    I've done this since beginning of January. I've cut out unhealthy snacks, and making sure I drink a lot if water. This fills you up, is good fir your skin and stops you being tired.

    Don't get me wrong I used to drink fizzy drinks and on the weekend I have a treat.

    I make vegetable soups during the day, avoid having bread with that. But then I have a lunch for me and the young two children, kills two birds with one stone.

    It's hard, I didn't know how I'd get time, but I want to look and feel amazing in myself by the summer. I am five foot eight, I don't weigh myself, it's the sad step, but go by my clothes and photo graphs.

    I once heard someone say- your abs are in the kitchen. So focus on that too.

    Make a weeks diary of meals, and follow it.

    Good luck.

  • Wow 3 stone is a lot to aim for. The 12 work plan aims for 2lbs a week so that is 24lbs in the period or 1stone10lbs. I think that is a more realistic goal and there is no point in setting yourself on an impossible journey. I weigh the same as you so let's do this together. I have put 24 pound coins in one jar on the mantelpiece and another empty jar next to it and each time I lose a pound I will transfer one to the other. It makes for a visual record. You can get your kids involved as they can see the coins going across. Of course if you gain they have to go back the other way. At the end of 12 weeks you can treat yourself to a nice manicure or whatever makes you happy. Good luck sue x

  • Hi Sept9oct10 it is difficult question because everyone loses at different rates. I am a slow loser and on average have lost just under a lb a week over 8 months. I have had 2 plateaus and two small gains. What I can say is that the best piece of advice given to me when I started on the forum last June is to not think in terms of overall weight loss. Big numbers can be overwhelming and it can be demotivating. I try to think of 1lb at a time and just focus on that lb. is there a time limit? To be successful we need to change bad habits and that is a lifetime change. I find if I set myself time goals I get really disappointed and have put weight on in the past 😒.

    Have you had a chance to read through the newbies post on the right hand side of the screen? It contains great advice about how to use the site and links to the NHS 12 week plan. That is how many of us have achieved success.

    Welcome to the forum and I wish you luck and determination 😀

  • Some good advice here. As a lifelong weight watcher (small w's!) I know that realistic sustainable weight loss will work out at 1-2lb per week. But that would be a great start, and it wouldn't take so very long after that to achieve your target. You can start here by downloading the 12week plan. My top tip is get the Hairy Dieters cook book, fab family recipes, very easy, all calorie counted. Good luck.

  • Morning Sept9oct10

    Welcome to the weight loss forum.

    Take a look at the "Welcome Newbies" post in the pinned post section on the right hand side or at the bottom if on a mobile. There are links in the post to the nhs 12 week plan and a BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

    Feel free to join in with any of the challenges also in the pinned post section. They are fun to do and good for motivating us all.

    We run a weigh-in from Monday to Saturday, at the moment Monday and Tuesday are full, but feel free to join us any day from Wednesday to Saturday.

    Have a good first week.


  • Why May? Do-able but I suspect you'd be doing it again in 2018. How about taking it more slowly with changes that do not require such an intense focus and cannot be easily derailed by normal life events such as the children being poorly, thus more sustainable?

    Children can be helpful to the process - what lessons do you want them to learn from you?

  • Unlikely ! The first stone may drop quickly, the second stone more slowly and so on. I was 12st three years ago. It took me 11 months to drop to 9st 11.

    I used myfitnesspal and counted calories daily. It was a safe, slow , steady loss,2 lbs a week at first then only 0.5 lb a week later on. BUT ..and this is an important BUT ...I have since maintained this goal weight for nearly two years.

    So don't be in an unrealistic hurry, think of this as a longterm benefit that you can maintain.

  • 3 stones is 42lbs I would say you should aim to loose that amount of weight over a year. Go on a high protein diet try to eat 30-40g of protein per meal cut out bread, potatoes and rice and eat more things like Greek yogurt, protein bars, fish and grilled chicken. Use a website like myfitness pal to track your calorie intake and drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I lost 3 stones last year by doing that but I put a stone on over Christmas which I am trying to loose now.

  • If you successfuly lost 3 st ITomlinson , you also know how to lose 1st... you'll do it ok! 😊

  • Hi, if you are strict with yourself I think you could lose 2.5 stone by May, if you start now. But it will be quite a challenge, so don;t be too disappointed if you don;t quite make it. 1.5 stone to 2 stone would still be an excellent result.

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