Hi guys

Just wanted to join you all again and hope this time I lose because last time I joined I actually got lazy and gained. I am 5ft 4 and weight 11st 1. I need to lose 2 stones and don't have that much willpower.

I have thought I need to make some changes. I'm happy with what I'm eating for breakfast and lunch but by the time it comes to dinner I'm starving and often overeat. I have got a Fitbit flex 2 and think it overestimates how many cals I burn.

I have lots of DVDs and rosemary Connolly DVD and beginner shred Jillian Michael did work in the past. Now find it boring. I have decided even though its 6/7 degrees out there I am going to get my thermals out and go for a 20 minute walk mon - fri. Hope that will kick the weight loss and will post back on a Friday weight loss thread if I have good news!

Any advice for a lazy mum of two starting to

Walk in the cold?


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10 Replies

  • Hi, yep walk in the cold is an option. I'miss 5.3, weigh 12 stones and want to lose 3 stones.

    I'miss signing up to do as much hiking as possible (yes even in the cold) going on one tomorrow. If we want the weight to come off we have to put the work in.

  • Thanks for ur reply, let me know how it goes good luck! X

  • Hi Adheela

    Welcome back to the forum. Why not take a look at the post "January Amnesty" to has some good information on how to get in the right mindset while watching what we eat.

    I know it cold out there at the moment for walking. I do 2 walks a day taking 30-40 minutes a time as long as your wrapped up it's not too bad.

    Good luck with the week ahead.


  • Thanks rose, I will have a look once I get kids to bed and look forward to Monday (may even try 15 mins tomorrow and see how I feel!) just starting Monday as I thought could just drop kids off in morning rather than twice! Well done on the walking 40 mins seems a lot. How much have u lost??

  • Hi Adheela

    I join here last June and since then I've lost 3st 8lbs, but still have a long way to go.

  • I eat between meals, fruit, nuts, seeds or spinach and I don't feel so hungry later on in the day. I just keep myself topped up. Drink water too.

  • Hello Adheela

    I'm replying to you on here so we don't clog up the weigh-in thread ☺

    Have you checked your bmi and target calories? If you are hungry and overeating in the evenings you perhaps need to eat a little more through the day. The other suggestions for breaking a plateau include changing what you eat ☺

    It also important to track non scale victories, if you are eating properly and exercising you will be improving your health and may be losing inches ☺

    Best wishes


  • Hi Anna, thank you for replying. I checked bmi range and its 1359-1700. I am eating at the low range but nothing happened this week. I will increase my fruit this week n hopefully that will help too x thanks

  • Could you try eating a bit more? Especially protein as this is good for satiety.

    Good luck ☺

  • Thank so so much I think I will increase nuts and pick up some Greek yoghurt. Hopefully that will keep me full xxx

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