Two week hump!

I think I'm not the only one who starts off full-steam ahead with great goals, weighing ingredients, choosing wisely etc. But 2 weeks in it feels hard work and I tell myself I can have a treat. That treat turns into treats. My appetite for sugar returns and I'm back to square one. So instead of 9lbs loss on Monday I've now gained this week. Gutted. Why do I do it? How do I bring it back around? Feeling angry at myself and doubting my big goals (broken into small steps already). I want to believe I can do it. I want 2017 to be different. I've tried and failed so many times before. Let this not be another repeat of that, please God!!


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  • I've even gone to lots of effort to made delicious low cal lunches. Like 70kcal bowl mushroom soup, and Jamie Oliver's superfood cottage cheese, sweet potato and chilli muffins, but then ruined it with eating stupid 'treats'

  • These are the things I need to tell myself:

    1. Treats are not a treat when I gain weight and feel rubbish

    2. If I want to deprive my body of fat I need to deprive my taste buds of fat, sugar and carbs

    3. Don't feel hard done by it doesn't matter what anyone else can eat I know what I can/can't so just get on

    4. I can do this! I can succeed. I am not destined to fail!

    5. I have people around me willing me to succeed not waiting for me to mess up!

  • You've answered your own questions lol it really does help to write it all down doesn't it! I've had a rubbish week too and expect to be annoyed with myself when I weigh in tomorrow, and I agree with all your above points except no. 2.

    Your taste buds don't have to be denied they just need a break and they will re-educate themselves. I've done this before and I know if you're patient it does work. If you can avoid sugary and junky food for a few weeks you start to notice subtle flavours you were taste-blind to before, and you notice the sweetness in things like tomatoes and peppers that also have a wonderful texture, the creaminess of an avocado or salmon fillet, then comes the best bit where you start to truly enjoy food that's also good for you. If you then taste sugary junk food it's awful! Now to follow my own advice!

    Good luck πŸ˜€

  • This is really helpful for me actually. I love point 1! I'm going to repeat it to myself everyday because it is a very good way of putting it :) :) thank you!

  • Morning loosingit2017

    Don't despair you will get there. Have you read Anna61 post on "January Amnesty" it's in the pinned post section. Draw a line under it and start again, you will get there.

    Have a good weekend.


  • Sugar is addictive. Rats addicted to cocaine were fed sugar, and then given the choice between the two; 93% chose the sugar.

    So you're right; it isn't a treat if it harms your long-term health.

    Reduce your intake of high-glycaemic carbohydrate and fructose, having more natural fat instead.

  • I don't know where you shop, but what does it for me is the profits we are making for all the "snack" producers. I'm not saying snacks should be banned, but if you think about it, they were invented by producers to increase their profits - they thought, hang on, people in the 40's and 50's are only buying 3 meals a day, we are losing money. Oooo, I know, let's invent a snack...... profits rolling in for producers, customers purchasing stuff that there is no need of (we really should only be eating 3 meals a day), obesity a growing issue. I hate to think I'm lining the pocket of someone at MY expense!

    Erm, what I'm trying to say is "mindset", that's the first thing you need to change.... I know if I eat more than I should and don't do the exercise, I will put on weight.... darn! I proved my point last night - made a Frittata, husband said "I've eaten already" so I though.... "just a frittata" and ate the whole thing myself. On the scales this morning..... well waddayouknow.... I've gained half a pound. Grrrrr all my fault!

  • I'm sure they would argue they were responding to demand. That said, the demand has gone up helped by the way the western world has culturally developed its eating. It's been helped along by being told that eating between meals stops blood sugar dropping. Actually, keep eating excess carbs turns off access to our fat reserves, which is why many people (and I used to be one of them) find it hard to go three or so hours before getting hungry again.

  • totally agree with you about the snacks i mean what is that about?? i remember my mother saying i would ruin my appetite if i ate between meals (she was right as always lol) but we have to walk our own journeys. i have found that cutting out breakfast which i never liked anyway and breaking my 'fast' ie between my last evening meal around 8.00 and eating again 12 noon the following day then again in the evening meant i was 'fasting for 16 hours' but it seems the best way is to incorporate at least 18-20 hours of fasting, then eat to satiety on your evening meal. with OMAD the scales started moving down again i eat a lot of fat, a lot of green leafy veg, medium protein and no carbohydrates other than those found in the green leafy veg and this stubborn plateau is inching down, i do only have 7lbs to lose but it is 7 lbs that doesn't want to go before i get to the NHS recommended BMI of 18.5-19

  • The CDC has data that the healthiest BMI is slightly over 25 Ketogirl.

  • but this is the NHS website and they encourage people to have a BMI at the bottom end of the scale rather than the higher end.

  • I wouldn't want to have a bmi at the lower end. I know that I have a large frame based on my wrist measurement. According to the NHS Choices weight chart my ideal weight should be somewhere between 7 stone 10 pounds and 10 stone 6 pounds. The lightest i have ever been was 9 stone 6 pounds, and at that weight my collar bones really stood out.

    My long term target is to lose 3 stone. That puts me in the ideal weight band for my height. Any weight loss over that is a bonus. Once I reach my goal I'll stop worrying about my bmi. Enough is enough.

  • i agree that BMI is not the b all and end all, i am the opposite of you, i have very light bones so any weight i carry above and beyond a certain amount is definitely not needed on voyage!

  • I've read loads about that and it makes sense.

    I wouldn't even want to get to the lower end, I think I would really look unhealthy and I believe it could do with revising it 😊

  • There was thread earlier in the week that revolved around a new, three-dimensional BMI, rather than the current weight divided by height squared.

  • It's about time certain thing were overhauled. I think my bmi is now around 25.4-25.7 . Since the lurgy this week my weight is all over the place πŸ˜‰. I havn't set mysef a target weight yet, but I have no wish to look skinny. I am a woman, I have curves, I do not mind 😊 All I know is that a little more has to come off and then my focus will be on tonong and fitness.

    But to be honest, I am 5'7 and if I would be at my lowest bmi, I would not look healthy at all. Sorry for going on, am in the endstage of my bad cold, still at home and terribly bofed πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Œ

  • An episode of Trust Me, I'm a Doctor last year looked at whether the time of day when we eat affects our ability to lose weight. They found that blood sugar levels rise after a meal. If someone ate late at night and had breakfast early in the morning, their blood sugar levels didn't have a chance to drop. Since watching that programme I try to have my evening meal no later than 6pm, and breakfast no earlier than 9am. That's a 15 hour fast. I don't know if it will help me to lose weight as my diet only started this week. It can't do any harm, though.

  • there is growing evidence that the longer we can go without eating anything, the better our bodies are able to deal with the accumulated junk of the past, and if you can push your breakfast forwards another hour or 2 the better that can be - i saw a great graph on this, i will see if i can find it.

  • Sometimes I don't have breakfast at all.

    Regarding the necessity of a good breakfast to start the day, it seems that people lose more weight if they don't have breakfast. This backs up what you have found for yourself. A study was done in the USA last year. A large number of people were split into two groups. One group had breakfast every day, the other group didn't. The group that didn't have breakfast lost more weight than the group that did have breakfast. This contradicted the findings of a previous study. On investigation it was found that the previous study relied on people reporting whether or not they ate breakfast. At the time skipping breakfast was seen as unhealthy, so people misreported their eating habits.

    So I may stop having breakfast and have my first meal at about midday.

  • Cheerful dragon you are so much a girl after my own heart - you might like this Doctor's blog, i am totally sold on the science behind everything he has studied.


  • I understand the temptation to allow yourself a sweet treat. Have you considered making your own? That way you know exactly what goes into them and can make lower calorie treats than you get from the shops.

  • Any suggestions? I've made oat & dried fruit based stuff before. TBH it's the Christmas sweetie cupboard that's the temptation. But only when I'm not in the zone!! Last week I gave sweets and biscuits for friends visiting without any temptation. This week I'm searching for naughty stuff!! May be colder weather, hormones or just me being undisciplined!!

  • I'm afraid I can't make any suggestions for low calorie treats. I asked for recipe book recommendations because I don't know many low calorie recipes.

    I find that my hankering for naughty treats varies with my mood. Recently I had a stressful day and was feeling low. I really wanted something high calorie, like chocolate cake. But it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes I can feel low and sweet treats don't appeal at all. Who knows? I just accept that cravings come for no obvious reason. If we knew why they happened it would be easier to avoid them, or to fight them when they're unavoidable.

  • Hi πŸ™‹

    I know what you mean moderation is a word I don't seem to understand !! For me it's trying to change that 'all or nothing thinking' and eating the right foods (I saw a nutritionist) to keep me full. So last night for instance I saved calories for a crunchie

    and option hot chocolate and felt satisfied. For me at the end of the day it's not giving in to my mad head and old behaviours that really don't serve me well anymore. Good luck πŸ˜‰

  • Hey ! I can honestly vouch that everyone on this forum has felt/is feeling exactly the same way . so don't feeel like it's just you because these feelings are completely normal :) let's not forget the fact that you've acknowledged that you want to become healthier by taking part in this 12-week plan is a step in the right direction ! As human beings , we all strive for perfection but the reality is things aren't perfect and we're alll going to have slip ups along the way - you just have to take them with a pinch of salt and remember your long term goal .

    What has really helped me with sticking to the plan so far (3 weeks so early days haha) is not being too restrictive and having the right portions of the food I enjoy - I think that is the way to go ! Gradually , you can start replacing things with healthier options but as they say , slow and steady wins the race :)

    Good luck with the rest of your weight loss , we alll have faith in you :)

  • Thanks to everyone who replied and supported me. I have tried over last week to pull things back and refocus. But stood on the scales this morning and the weight is just not shifting!! I'm sticking to 1400 kcal, trying to do walking/biking exercise to from work when possible (I really have no time for proper exercise) I work 25hrs over 3 days, have my daughter on the other days (we walk, play, swim etc together) and have commitments most evenings. Any help appreciated!!

  • I'm sure it's been mentioned before, loosingit, but I don't think you're eating enough. I can't remember if I've given this to you before, apologies if I have, but it's worth a read

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