Newbie badge and colour change

I love the idea of badges to flag achievments. Being a newbie, can I have a Newbie badge, please.

I'm also curious about the colour of the circle round the face next to the user name. Does it change with the number of posts I do, threads I create, length of membership? Or can I request a colour change? If the latter, could you make the circle purple, please?


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13 Replies

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  • moreless will hopefully charge along shortly with a Newbie badge for you. :)

    We are all curious about the circle colours - but the allocation is random.

  • Great about the badge, thumbs down about the colour. I don't particularly like green, especially the shade around my 'face'.

    Are there any rules about image size and format if/when I decide to upload an image?

  • Hi CheerfulDragon

    Newbie badge on it way, shinning it now for you.

    The colours round the faces don't mean anything, they are just different colours and don't think we can change them, sorry.

  • Hope you like your new badge.

  • You have you badge, CheerfulDragon and very nice it looks too :)

    As for your profile avatar, I have no idea, but how about downloading one of these, then using it for your profile pic? :)

  • Thanks for the badge. I'll be looking for suitable dragon pictures - not neccearily purple - to use as images.

  • There are some nice ones there, but I suspect that some will be too big for my 'avatar' picture. I have some possibles of my own for the picture at the top of my profile.

  • That's great, I shall look forward to seeing them :)

  • Dearest moreless ... No rush but could you kindly reinstall my 1 stone badge .. another one that's dropped off, How careless of me, sorry. 😡😟

  • This is getting more and more odd! Your badge has been superglued too! :o

  • Thank you muchly

  • Could I have a newbie badge please?

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