Anyone else?

I don't know what it is but as soon as it gets to like 9/10 o clock at night I just wanna pig out on rubbish, even if I've just had my tea. It doesn't bother me at all during the day. I'm also a bit annoyed because we still have rubbish foods in the house because of my boyfriend haha. I've held off so far but there's a big bag of doritos in the cupboard that's been calling to me for the past week 😂


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25 Replies

  • I feel your pain!! Peppermint tea is my new friend - whenever I feel that urge to eat rubbish I have a mint tea because it makes anything else taste awful!!! Then I've been going to bed so that I don't raid the cupboards!!! Good luck and stay strong 💐

  • I will try anything haha! Thanks for the tip x

  • As well as lurking on the forum!!!

  • I find two parts of the day are tricky for me too - the time that I get home from work at 2pm despite the fact that I've had lovely soup and fruit for lunch at 12.30 and then the evenings when I'm sitting in front of the tv - I do find doing something with my hands like patchwork or knitting helps but it is a struggle

    As for the rubbish in the house could you get your boyfriend to hide it or keep it in his car so it's not sitting there calling your name

  • Yeah I have asked him to move it but alas it is still there in my eye line haha. I swear he's trying to sabotage me!

  • Oh bless you - they are naughty aren't they - it's all well and good when you're in strong controlled mode - it's a different story when you're feeling wobbly - and why does a plate of carrot sticks never shout as loudly as chocolate or crisps?

  • I know right! 😂

  • I hate this too. Doesn't my body know it is nearly bed time and to stop craving things? To avoid giving in, I brush my teeth as soon as I've decided I'm not eating anything else :)

  • Another excellent idea! Thankyou x

  • That is a good idea :)

  • Well done for holding off on the Doritos.

    I know what you mean....during the day I am fine as i'm at my work and kept busy, but sitting in front of the TV or what have you at night that's when the snacking starts for me.

    Hang in're doing great!

  • Thankyou! Think I'm feeling it more today and yesterday because I'm off work! Haha trying to keep myself busy x

  • I saw an episode of Trust Me, I'm a Doctor last year. They looked at whether the time of day when you eat affects weight loss. They found that blood sugar levels rise after eating. If you eat late in the evening or at night the levels are still high in the morning. This makes weight loss harder, especially if you have breakfast early.

    Since watching the programme I've had breakfast no earlier than 9am and try to have our evening meal no later than 6pm. I don't know if it will help me to lose weight, but I only started dieting this week.

    Late breakfast isn't an option for some. You could take breakfast to work if you're in an office, or try to find something healthy to eat on the go if you have a mobile job.

  • I know the feeling. Last night I got as far as...taking some shortbread out of the cupboard in the sitting room... going into the kitchen for a cup of tea to dunk said shortbread in...then saw the newly positioned "slim photo" strategically placed on the fridge... threw shortbread into the cupboard and had a tin of soup (140 kcals). Job done ;)

  • I think a lot of people are in the same boat. I am better and more self controlled when I have an audience as well, if I am being honest. But no one sees you reaching for a biscuit at 9 pm.

    I have gained weight over Christmas and I know that to lose successfully I must only eat three meals and have drinks in between. I have lost 1.5lbs this week. I have been out and bought herbal teas to have at the exact time you are describing . I call it the witching hour!! The other tricky time when I make a hot drink is when I get home from work hungry. Too tempting to pick but a hot drink to sip while the tea is cooking does help.

    I bought mint and licorice tea. Looks like the contents of a fish tank, but smells and tastes nice. Xx

  • Haha yeah I've stocked up on fruity tea! I'm definitely gonna try a minty one x

  • To take the edge off the desire to eat the kind of foods that you know you shouldn't, consider making a hot chocolate, made with chocolate flavoured whey powder (as opposed to drinking chocolate).

    The whey powder will no doubt be lower in sugar than drinking chocolate, in addition to possessing fewer calories, while also satisfying hunger overnight.

  • I recommend having lightly salted popcorn as a snack substitute for crisps! You can get backs that are about 88cals each. Or make your own with a popcorn machine, then you know exactly how much salt/sugar/whatever you put on, if you choose to!

  • I've been drinking a litre of diet tonic each night and a small bag of walkers French fries ( just 79 cals) it takes the end off - proud of myself I've lost 6kgs since 2nd jan xx

  • Well done! That's awesome x

  • thank you xx

  • My self-control deserts me in the evening, but is pretty good in the daytime. I've been trying to work with that by doing the 16:8 approach, just eating between 12.30 and 8.30pm, on the grounds that then I won't be deprived at dinnertime. I keep lunch low-calorie and then dinner can be more substantial. So far, touch wood, it's been easy and I've lost 3kg in 2 weeks, which from what I've read sounds sensible. Plus, yes, lots of herbs teas for interesting tastes and no calories!

  • I am the same started dieting 2 weeks ago and lost 2lb - I have a dry cracker at 31 calories and this seems to work for me :)

  • Me too i guess we are only human. :-( xxx

  • I have a low cal jelly (10 cals) with a little bit of cream on it. It seems to satisfy the sweet craving and I think the cream gives just a bit of fat so that it makes me feel full.

    Otherwise a small handful of mixed nuts also works for me...

    Good luck!

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