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Sometimes comfort food is hard to resist

Yesterday I had to spend time chasing a eye appointment that I need to have some time soon. The women I spoke to were so unhelpful that I was almost in tears by the time I finished. When Hubby got home i told him that I needed comfort food, the naughtier the better. I was thinking of something like chocolate cake and to hell with the diet. He'd done a bit of shopping and bought some lean bacon and some nice soft rolls. I quickly checked the fat content of the bacon, decided it was low enough and declared that the meal was naughty enough for me. (We always grill our bacon and don't put spread on the rolls.)

So the diet is still on track, and hopefully no harm done.

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Hi CheerfulDragon

Sorry to hear you were having such a stressful day yesterday. Well done to Hubby for thinking of a less calorific comfort food for you.

Hope today as been better.



Good choice, well done 😉


Well done!


Well done on your healthier choice.

When I am feeling the same, I decide I'm not going to let someone else ruin my healthy eating, I won't let them have that power over me. Ruining my day is one thing, ruining my meal plan is a step too far.

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Well done on resisting, you would have felt worse afterwards 😉


That truly is comfort food at its finest, CheerfulDragon and fully deserving at the end of a stressful day. Besides, it's certainly not the worst thing you could have eaten.


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