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Thursday Weigh In

My 2.5 stone milestone is a little elusive this week

Having eaten at the top of my calorie range all week I'm not at all surprised to have stayed the same at 16st 6.5lbs

I've had a psychologically challenging week as I waited for final confirmation of a new stage of my life with a tight deadline in place

Now I have all my ducks in a row I can get back to concentrating on my food and aim for better this week

Onwards and downwards everyone - here's to a great week!

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Morning Annabelle_Bebbs

You have done well to maintain your weight when you have had a challenging week. Now your focused again your be back on track in no time.

Have a good week.



Thank you YellowRose55 - I am not disappointed (well only a teeny weeny little bit) but I'm putting on my not so big as they were girl knickers on this morning and with an air of certainty finally in the air after a lengthy wait that has taught me much about gentle patience I feel renewed and positive to face this coming week


Good morning Annabelle_Bebbs last week I weighed 72.1kg & this morning I weighed 71kg so I have lost just over a Kg.

My initial target is 68kg so I still have 3 kg to go.

Good luck everyone. Onwards & Downwards.

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