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Calories counting and cooking from scratch


Struggling with calories counting, as I cook more and buy less ready made food. This week hasn't been easy so far, stressed with work and counting calories, failed today again. But I kind of get a bit better knowing what works and what now. I.e. when I eat out, I go for kids meal, means I can have the carb I want but in small portion. Also 2 meals contain soup or salad works. Soup is quite filling (for a while anyway). So will be making more soup. Also substitute one coffee with tea, not been easy. But I'm trying. For tomorrow will have fruit for breakie, salad for lunch and spaghetti for dinner. Hope it gets a bit better. been good with my exercise, but it's the diet really makes a difference I realize.

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Calorie counting is so hard when you cook from fresh! But you can do it :) it takes practice and you'll get used to it eventually. Just keep trying and dont give up! You sound like you have made such good progress and positive changes so far. It's only natural we struggle with something new to start with. Try to give yourself as much time to weigh and record ingredients as you're cooking, because I always forget something and mess up when rushing! But no one is perfect :) you can do it!!

happyhealthyjane5kg in reply to Hidden

Thank you for the much needed encouragement! Yes I will try to be more organised next time I cook, recording every ingredient, and keep it simple! I'd like to think you learn things when you make mistakes and fail. No one likes the feeling, but I know from experience that's when I learn. End of the day, I'm trying, never going to be perfect, but it's God loves a trier!

I've been having tea instead of my usual calorie laden ( but delicious) coffee too. Tomorrow's meal plans sound great. Have a good day tomorrow.

You're right, I changed from coffee with milk and sugar to coffee with just milk. Now it's become my habit. Will have my mid day tea instead of coffee, finger crossed it works!

Hi happyhealthyjane

while you are getting used to calorie counting your own meals, it might really help to print out lists of 'kitchen basics'.

Most of us have meals that we cook more regularly, and it might really help and save time to have lists of these ingredients that are used more regularly. After a while you get to know some of th by heart 😊

Good idea!

The book I use (pocket Calorie counter, by Carolyn Humphries), has calories for most meals and options for home made as well as branded.

Try not to sweat over the calories, eating healthy food is the place to start. You could always look at portion control to start with, if calorie counting gets too much.

Having only fruit for breakfast doesn't sound very filling. Can you add something like plain yoghurt to it? Protein tends to fill you up for longer.

happyhealthyjane5kg in reply to Penel

You are right, have to aim long term, not to be too focused on short term goals

Kids meal 🍴 oh yes! Something that I do occasionally 😉😉😉

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