How's this for dedication!

How's this for dedication!

Off to London tomorrow for two meetings, staying overnight (cheaper and more energy efficient than driving there and back in traffic).

Each meeting involves a "working lunch" which in my experience is usually sandwiches and a fruit platter.

As I'm doing the 8 week Blood Sugar Diet and avoiding bread, I've made two salad lunches to take with me - pinto beans, tuna and olives with a blob of mayo. 358 calories each!

Now how to keep the second one cool overnight (staying in a Premier Inn, so no fridge...) I guess the hotel must have a facility to store things for guests staying with them which need to remain refrigerated?


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11 Replies

  • Those look excellent! I do this also. Have you got a cool bag/lunch bag? Stuff it with any of those frozen slabs from the freezer (wine coolers!) and it will hold for a good 24 hours. You could of course leave it in the boot of the car as it's beeping cold down here. In fact, that is probably the better option. :-)

  • Car boot or hang in a carrier bag out the window!

  • Haa haa - sounds like you're a pro of storing food in hotels!

  • I just rember an old photo of our uni halls, and all the student's hung their milk out the windows to keep it fresh because they couldn't afford a fridge! Apparently it really smelled in hot summer months ;)

  • Of the hotel, rather than the car window, 😁

  • Yes, thought about leaving it in the car, but the car won't be parked at the hotel (no car park) so would take us about an additional 30 minutes to go collect it the following morning. But yes, I have cool bag (a fairly small one) and some freezer packs all ready to go.

  • Love your dedication!

  • put in a plastic bag and set it in the sink full of cold water?

  • That worked for a bottle of milk once when my fridge decided to pack up!! Xx

  • It does the job for a day anyway.

  • wow.. that is super organised.. well done you x

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