Healthy fish and chips - 478 calories

Healthy fish and chips - 478 calories

One thing I try and eat more often whilst trying to lose weight is fish. It offers good value for the calories, takes moments to cook... and is perfect pan-fried with a little oil or butter and a few herbs sprinkled on.

Pan fried sea bream (134 cals plus 43 cals oil), stir-fried leeks and petit pois (149 cals including butter), carrots (38 cals) and cauliflower (28 cals) plus celeriac chips (massive 223g raw, with spray oil, 86 cals). Total for a massive plateful of food = 478 calories!


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9 Replies

  • That looks lovely Pineapple27 I do love fish and have it at least 3 times a week. Going to my daughter for tea tonight so not sure yet what I'm having but my son-in-law always cooks it healthy for me.

  • Looks amazing - would love to eat that! Thanks.

  • that looks fantastic

  • I love fish! You're so right; it's good for the calories. I think also it is very filling; which is great. I had some salmon in the fridge but it didn't defrost for tonight so eating up the soup ocean I seem to have. A very nice one made with some leftovers a bit ago. Butternut squash, sweet potatoes and a thing I had made with chickpeas and light coconut milk and spinach. All blended together. It was brilliant though I say it myself! Oh, there was a slice of home made toast with a bit of cheese; there has to be a bit of badness!

  • Mmmm, liking the sound of the coconut, spinach, sweet potato, butternut squash and chickpea soup!

  • Sometimes the "leftovers-soups" are the tastiest. I made one with leftover sunday veg : some mashed carrot & swede, lots of kale, an onion. It tasted a wee bit bland so I added a dollop of horseradish sauce and it added a welcome kick!

  • That looks like a satisfying meal. I agree, fish is a very good option ( if not battered.!) It doesn't have to be complicated. I keep a bag of frozen cod steaks in the freezer, often I just cook them in an oven dish with a drop of olive oil and cherry tomatoes, or a dollop of pesto, and serve with spinach, kale or broccoli , maybe a small helping of wholegrain rice.....and its delicious.

  • great meal!

  • That looks really great

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