Check out YouTube for workouts

If you've got a Smart TV or can hook up your tablet to the TV you can access a myriad of work outs without leaving the lounge. I can see the Celeb Workout DVD becoming a thing of the past.

Just completed a 20 min Spinning programme and 20 min Fitball ab toner workouts.

I'm so converted I'm cancelling my gym membership and investing the £30 a month into buying a couple of small pieces of equipment - hand weights and a Reebok Deck.

I would never have discovered this resource if I hadn't injured my knee.

Great for motivation and you can pause it if you need a drink or a wee!


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8 Replies

  • Loads of vids on youtube which are good. But if you are not a very motivated person you might find it hard to do the stuff at home. Some people are better sticking to the gym.

    Good luck SportyGirl.

  • True @jimtom fortunately I am a motivated person, and with a busy family life, the precious 30 mins travelling time saved will make regular work outs much more likely rather than having to juggle around kids, work and gym opening times and class timetables

  • Sounds great, I go to gym to get a change of scenery as well as exercise, but you seem well motivated so I bet you will do it alright.

    The time saving is great :)

  • I've got dvd's but would love to do workouts on YouTube. Sadly I find that it takes me so long to find a suitable one, that the time I have left to exercise is gone ☹😉

  • Hi Sport, I like the 'Nestle' workout on youtube, Australian, lasts 20 mins

  • Thsnk you ary88 , I much prefer this to the gym also ☺ my favourite is Lesley Sansome ☺ Any other recommendations?

  • Will check them out. As I have a Spinning Bike I've been doing the GCN (Global Cycling Network) classes.

    Looking for KettleBells and core work out recommendations.

  • yoga, I managed 8 prof classes in a row, gave me confidence to practice the 12 basic poses(guided by small yoga book (pics)it was daunting to start, as a novice, with a class full of posing experts, but very welcoming,my excess weight of 5 stone is getting use to it I need to get back to weekly class, going through diff patch maybe next week or week after:)

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