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Me and hubby update - 2

The good news for me is that I've reached my target weight of 10st (do I get a badge for that?!). Now trying to make sure I eat enough to stop losing weight as now that I've changed to a healthier diet, I feel like I'm eating all day and still losing weight!!! I'm also in training for a half marathon and seem to burn a LOT of calories!

My lovely husband is doing amazingly. A carb addict and a grazer, he's found it really tough, but seeing the scales hit 20st (and 3lb) made him determined. He weighed in yesterday at 19st 1lb, I'm so proud of him. He's found it psychologically really hard, and was very irritable for a few days last week, poor thing :(

He's going for healthier snacks (small bags of popcorn, apples, carrots - he's a very fussy eater, which doesn't help), he's started eating breakfast, and I gave him my old fitbit so he's more aware of his step count and he's making an effort to do drumming practice daily as it's really good cardio! Since Christmas his resting heart rate has steadily declined from 70 to 57!!!

He's currently aiming for 17st, then probably 15 - he's 6ft 2 and not small-boned!

His BMI has come down from morbidly obese to obese, which is really encouraging. One aim for him is to be able to do "tree trekking" when we go to Centre Parcs next year.

Keep going, everyone - if he can do it, anyone can :)

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Well done to both of you!


Excellent news!! What an achievement :) It must be really rewarding to see such a positive change. Well done to you both


Very well done MummyPhus ☺ that is an excellent achievement ☺

Of course you can have a badge, there are several to choose from; I did it, healthy BMI, or maintainer are probably the most suitable.

Also very well done to hubby ☺it sounds like he is on the right track ☺ Creaing good eating habits takes time but he is doing all the right things ☺

Let me know which badge you would like and I will sort it ☺

Best wishes



Thanks Anna, he was the same weight this morning so having a wobble.

I'll go for maintainer, please :)

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Done ☺ and doesn't it look fantastic ☺

Very well done MummyPhus ☺☺☺

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Thanks 😊😊😊




well done to both of you....my hubby was heading towards 20st too and I've done a similar thing with my hubby too with my old fitbit and he is starting to move more now.. I've also been inviting him to daily fitbit challenges and he is loving it too... I think they just need a nudge in the right direction sometimes.... good luck to u both x


That is brilliant congratulation and well done. Can't wait to get there myself. I am determined to do this. It is also brilliant that you have managed to give your husband the incentive to go ahead with this. Well done for that too. Hope he also manages to do well with this. Hope all stays well for you too.




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