Weigh in Tomorrow

I have my first weigh in tomorrow and I don't feel any lighter! Is it really true that you can have too few calories and that will stop you losing weight, my husband says some days I am not eating enough of the right foods and I am sure he knows what he is talking about but if I am below my calories surely it doesn't matter what I eat. All will be revealed tomorrow on weigh in I suppose!


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16 Replies

  • Morning Paula6867

    If you eat too few calories your body can go into starvation mode, take a look at the nhs 12 week plan, the link to it is in the "Welcome Newbies" post week 11 talks about it and how it can effect your weight.

    Check your calorie allowance with the BMI checker in the same post to make sure your eating enough of the right things.

    See you at the weigh-in tomorrow.

    Enjoy your week .


  • hi YellowRose i'm interested to know what the guidelines are on reduction of calories to avoid starvation mode? what i mean is if the SDA for a woman is normally 2,000 calories, what level of calories would be considered putting the body into starvation mode?

  • Hi Ketogirl Take a look at week 11 in the nhs12 week plan, It will give you advice on how deal with it and how to avoid it.

  • thanks i just read right through it and although it speaks of reaching a plateau it does not define what level of calorie deficit = starvation mode.

  • Hi Paula,

    It's definitely true! Have a look at this for a more detailed explanation


    I don't believe that all calories are equal, either and that there's a massive difference been 100 cals of broccoli and 100 cals of Mars bar!

    Good luck at the weigh-in :)

  • Yeah thats what my husband says, I must stop eating crisps! He calls them empty calories.

  • I'm with your husband all the way! :)

  • They are but just now and then you do really crave something savoury and salty

  • I choose oatcakes and butter, but as part of a meal and not as a snack :)

  • have a thin slice of cheddar with a teeny pinch of himalayan salt on it :) all the pleasure of savoury and salty with none of those bad bad oils and sugars :)

  • Yeah - 100 cals of broccoli would be totally outfacing, whereas 100 cals of Mars Bar would be gone like giving an elephant strawberries lol

  • I know this shows 200 calories instead of 100 calories, but they have a snickers bar and bricolli if you want to get an idea! boredpanda.com/what-200-cal...

  • Brilliant, Cooper. Thanks for the visual :)

  • Thanks Cooper that was really informative,, just goes to show what we unwittingly put in our mouths


  • I am a firm believer that it does matter where you get your calories from.

    Our bodies need nutrients in order to work properly and we get those nutrients from our food. You can train yourself to get used to only eating 3 bars of chocolate and a plate of chips every day, and come in under your calories, but over time you become nutrient deficienct, and your body thinks it's in starvation mode and it will stop burning fat.

    If you eat lots of good foods, your body will have an abundance of nutrients and start to realise food is plentiful, and it doesn't need to store fat anymore.

    Processed foods also break down quicker in the body, releasing their sugars into your system quite quickly. It gives you a quick energy hit, but soon after you have a sugar crash and start craving more food for your next energy hit. It's more likely to make you break your diet and give up.

  • i think your husband is right, but let us all know how you get on with the weigh-in - a calorie in NOT a calorie - 100 calories of watercress is not used or treated by the body in the same way as 100 calories of chocolate chip cookies and even a small amount of sugar will stop your weight loss in its tracks.

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