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Wonderful Wednesday

Back on track after a little blip with bingeing late afternoon! Hello fellow friends , it wasn't Christmas that was the problem, it was the couple of weeks after which were difficult, not planning and feeling tired ,out of routine. Well this was what I put it down to. Since last Wednesday gently increased my excersie, focused on what I was eating and the scales this morning show loss of what I had weighed after Xmas and another 2lbs only two more pounds and at the weight I wanted to be 9 -7lbs . This will be 3 stone loss since September. Thanks to this fantastic forum I have learnt so much from administrators and everyone. We all have so much to give to support each other 😀

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Well done you, Ganny! :)

It took me a couple of weeks to get back on track too, but we're both on our way forward again :)

Looking forward to being able to award you that 3st badge and my pom poms are getting excited too! :)

Onwards and downwards! :)

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Good morning Ganny

I'm so glad you are back on track, it takes me a while to get back into the routine too ☺ I'm pleased the scales are co-operating.

Have a good week

Best wishes


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Morning Ganny

We all have that little blip every now and then but it's how we handle it that really counts. Your doing brilliant getting back on track and I know what you mean about those weeks after Christmas as I found myself at times snacking more than I should.

Getting back into a routine with exercise and focusing on planning your food is great and you soon start to see the benefits again. Well done.

Have a lovely week.


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