Help! How am I going to deal with social eating?

I am doing really well, two weeks in, but coming up are several social occasions- people staying for the weekend (my husband cooks and is a very good cook indeed), a Chinese takeaway 😨 with friends, and a party on Sunday afternoon at our home for which OH is enthusiastically planning scrummy tidbits. There is no point in asking him to prepare low calorie treats. So it will be down to my ability to resist or have small portions.

I am really dreading it which is spoiling my enjoyment of seeing friends and family. How do you cope with times like this? We have a couple of dinner parties coming up too at others' homes (ie I'm not at all in control).

What would you choose from the takeaway to do least damage?

I'm so scared I will spoil my good work so far. 😰 Please help!


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16 Replies

  • Hello Mazroz

    The trick to coping with social events like these is planning ☺ Try to 'save' a few calories from the week before; depending on the meal try to incorporate plenty of veg or salad; when eating out don't get too hungry; for takeaways they vary a lot, if I really want pizza or fish and chips, I do, but have half a portion. I prefer boiled rice if it's Chinese or Indian food, and just keep a careful eye on portions. Buffets and BBQs are really tough, but (if I can) I just make one visit so I can judge portion size. Buffets tables full of nibbles are my nemesis!!! Eeeek 😮

    The important thing is that these are happy events so enjoy them, just try to be mindful. With time you will learn how to judge ☺ You won't ruin weeks of calorie control in one day

    Best wishes


  • Many thanks for your comments. Anna61.

    I'm sure you're right, portion control must be a key skill when faced with social food. As you say, I don't want to be miserable at these social events - the danger is feeling 'hard done by' and like I'm missing out! Nibbles are indeed a trial! It's knowing when to stop....! I must adopt the 'one visit' rule.

  • I'm in this for the long haul and love socialising, it's a question of choosing carefully. I avoid things I don't really, really enjoy, and take small portions of my favourite things ☺

    Good luck

  • Hi. Can you tell people you are on a diet? If so, you can then make healthier choices more easily. If you don't want to do that then just watch what you eat on the rest of the day. If you eat slowly when people are there they won't notice if you eat less. For takeaways Chinese I would avoid batter, sweet and sour sauce. Go for plain rice maybe with something like chicken and cashew nuts but drain off sauce.

    Good luck, enjoy the social times but explaining to others is probably a good thing. Now everyone know I am on a diet they would all notice if I cheated which helped me. I just told them when I was on a day off for Xmas (well 3 days off) but we can't have days every week - well not if you have as much to lose as me. If you take a day off every week it will take longer to lose the weight which might also be fine for you. Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply, Ella Midlands. The fact is, I've tried to diet so often, that I'm ashamed to admit I'm on 'yet another diet' so hesitate to tell people. I'm also painfully aware that I am probably not 'on a diet' - I have to change the way I eat, so it's going to have to be a long-term eating healthily job. So I'm going to keep it very low key. I think the slow eating is a good idea, I shall try that - chewing each mouthful at least 20 - 30 times! And I like chicken and cashew nuts, so will try that.

    I think my main aim must be not to let it derail me for the rest of the week - I find it too easy to give up after a weekend of indulgence, feeling like a failure and weak willed!

  • I think, for me, because I expected to fail everyone around me did too even my husband. Once I was past the first 6 weeks I knew I meant business so then I was ready to talk about it. I know what you mean about not wanting to fail again in front of people.

  • I'm looking forward to getting to a successful six weeks. It's a pain that only two weeks in, and without any signs that I've lost anything yet, I have such a test to my resolve. 😕

  • Keep going!!!

  • I have a few special meals coming up at the end of the month and I know how you feel. It's the same feeling I had when Christmas came along, that dread of undoing all of the hard work.

    If you eat very carefully on the days either side the damage really won't be that bad. I too believe life is for living and if you stay committed to healthier eating habits most of the time, you will continue to lose weight.

    As an afterthought couldn't you research lower calorie dinner party food and persuade your other half to make some for you?

    Well, I wish you well, and enjoy your time with your friends. 😊

  • Great advice Ruby8. I will try to take care either side of this weekend. 😐

  • the above advice is excellent - you could also make sure to eat a healthy but filling snack/small meal before each event, so that you feel full and less tempted to eat the unhealthy food on display. if your hands need something to do, as it were (I tend to find I eat a lot at buffets because of this) have a nice, low-sugar/low-calorie drink on hand... or even just water... which will fill you up too!

  • Thanks LinaLamont. I now have lots of weapons to try to stay on track. 😉

  • Excellent advice from everyone.

    If eating out or ordering takeaways, look up the menus online and work out the calorific values of the meals beforehand and factor into your allowance.

    Also 'banking' a few calories by reducing by 200 per day prior to the occasion will save you a few more too.

  • Thanks isou7000.

  • When I first started out with making my long term food swaps, I was quite worried about being out of my comfort zone and eating away from home. I felt that all the enjoyment of eating out had been sapped away.

    I now realise that eating out is a reality and I have had to adopt many of the strategies already mentioned to you.

    With regard to having no option but a Chinese take away, opt for lots of vegs and especially bean sprouts as they will fill a plate convincing but without the calories. A plain Chinese omelette, plain rice are better choices. If you find yourself in the worse case scenario of other people ordering and you have no choice then look for the thinnest sauce, max veg and only spoon a single serving off the top as the oil will settle at the bottom of the container. Squash your servings flat rather than heaped as your plate will look full and it will deter questions. Also alcohol is calorie laden so if you can alternate a low cal mixer in between then you are cutting down the calories there too. Best of luck. Xx

  • I like the idea of squashing the servings down to make it look more!

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