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Wel, I'm on my way, lost just over two stone in six months, my aim is to lower my BMI . To be fitter, to get out more and I've also joined a gym. My main aim is to eat healthy. I'm finding it ok. But seem to be eating a lot more. I now have 8 glasses of water every day. Walk 3 tines 30 minutes a day. Go to the gym for one hour a week. Onwards and upwards for me. I would love to be able to sit in a chair without my fat overhang.

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Hi Sandra44p

Welcome to the weight loss forum. Well done in losing 2 stone in 6 months that brilliant. All that walking and going to the gym will certainly help the numbers go down.

Take a look at our "Welcome Newbies" post in the pinned post section on the right hand side or at the bottom if on a mobile. There are links in the post to the nhs 12 week plan and a BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

Feel free to join in with any of the challenges also found in the pinned post section. They are fun to join in with and good motivators to keep us moving.

Weigh-ins are run from Monday to Saturday. Monday and Tuesday are full at the moment but please feel free to join us any days from Wednesday to Saturday.

Enjoy your first week.



Your efforts are clearly working for you so I'd say just carry on.., you'll get there.


Sounds very positive.


Very well done Sandra44p and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum ☺

We are a very friendly group so please ask if you have any questions ☺

Best wishes



congratulations on your weight loss so far, you are doing an amazing job, I like your positivity. I don't drink enough water and I know I should be drinking more of it, but I am trying,


Love your last sentence - I sometimes travel by coach to London to meet my daughter - I can now actually fasten the lap belt and fasten it relatively easily - the numbers on the scales are a good ongoing indication of progress but achievements like that are real confidence boosters


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