Smashed the step count

Smashed the step count

So I got a jawbone over the weekend and I am obsessed with it. It's been tracking everything, more than what my health app on my phone could do, because you can't always take your phone with you everywhere.

I don't have the one with the heartrate monitor, because I'm not really into my fitness to think it's important for me? But I'm hoping to upgrade on my birthday.

I LOVE the sleep tracker, its so fascinating to see how you sleep and how long it takes you to fall asleep!

So I have decided, now I have this, that I am going to go for a walk every evening I can. I actually love it in this weather, but am going to dread it in the summer - so think I shall aim for night time walks before bed around then.

Did my first walk last night before weigh in, totalled 1h 24m. Amazingly my tracker recorded it and then asked me if I wanted to log it as a workout - how clever! Absolutely smashed my step target, almost double (which I've set to the lower end of 6,000 to start)

I have to say, anyone finding it hard to get the motivation, I definitely recommend something like this.

It even has a little smart coach who basically tells me to do stuff, I had a mini goal of 2700 steps and it keeps giving me some other tips etc.


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  • Well done on smashing your goal.

    I use a Garmin VivioActive, because I wanted something that could track swimming. I found it very useful to connect it to My Fitness Pal - I use the Garmin to log the calories I burn and MFP to log the calories I consume. MFP then shows the difference. I'm sure the Jawbone can also do the same.

  • Thats great, what a good way to do this. I am glad you are doing this so well. I'm struggling to motivate myself at the moment but I know I will get there.

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