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I've just joined and am going to be attempting to loose weight alone, the reason for this is I'm too embarrassed to go to any classes, or gym etc due to my weight. I know I'm my head I have to loose the weight but I don't really enjoy much food, believe it or not I don't actually eat a lot but I eat the wrong foods, barely have an "actual" meal, and in general I snack on small amounts throughout the day.

I have the support from my husband but I feel I need more as the weight is getting me down.

So here goes!

Hello everyone!


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I am new myself well haven't been here to long but find this to be a great place.

What small snacks do you eat throughout the day?

Linzi_83 in reply to Hidden


Really can be from sandwiches (cheese!...I know BAD!), cereal mainly either weetabix with a little sugar or branflakes (the ones with raisins) I'm bad tho with chocolate as that is my down fall so if we have kids chocs in I will pick at them usually smaller bars or dairy milks or curlywurleys but non the less chocolate. I do also snack on bananas n if I have them in I will have a slim fast shake for a "meal".

I'm not good as I can't really cook that well and don't enjoy what I do cook!


MotwCoop1 stone

Welcome, I'm new to the forum too and one of the old hands will post the official welcome soon I expect. Just wanted to say great hat!

I'm posting a lot tonight, to stop myself going back into the kitchen to hoover up leftovers! Talking to people on here is fab, I'm also attempting the couch to 5k programme and have that group to get support from too.

Make use of the forum, I don't think ve seen a single post that hasn't received a reply . You'll get encouragement, congratulations and commiserations if needed but above all a sense that we're all doing this together - and there's safety in numbers!

Good luck, one day at a time...onwards and downwards!

Linzi_83 in reply to MotwCoop

Thank u! TBH I'm hungry now n am scared of going into the kitchen too as I'll end up eating cereal! Bring on bedtime so I can forget I'm hungry haha!

Thanks xx

MotwCoop1 stone in reply to Linzi_83

Time to break out the fruit tea - I've found lemon and ginger to be useful (zero calories) as it tastes good but also manages to make everything else taste awful! A bit like cleaning your teeth...

I'd also recommend recording everything you eat and drink on an app like MyFitnessPal. It's really made me pay attention to all those little extras but you have to be brutally honest with yourself!

Linzi_83 in reply to MotwCoop

Ta, I've been having Tetleys super green tea boost, berry burst. Ive heard that plain green tea or lemon green teas best but I have tried them and just can't drink it but love the boost one. Xx

Have a glass of milk it should be fine and filling

Linzi_83 in reply to Jeyal

Thanks...not a bad idea I only have skimmed too so that's a winner! 👌🏼🤗

Super have fun 😊

PippiRunsWorking at it

Hi Linzi and welcome to this very friendly forum,

Let me start by saying you should not be embarrassed when you walk into a gym or a weigh loss class. You should be proud because you are actually doing something about your weight and fitness! So lift your head up!

Check out the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts section (to the right of your screen on a pc or tablet, bottom on a mobile) - this contains some great info for starting out and navigating your way around the site.

The fabulous volunteers of this forum run weigh-ins from Monday to Saturday. You might consider joining. The weigh-ins are posted under the events section (also to the right of your screen on a pc or tablet, bottom on a mobile)

Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you around.

Linzi_83 in reply to PippiRuns

Thank u!! I will have a look at them and I'm interested in the weigh ins too! Xx

Claz1 stone

hi and welcome to the forum... you won't be alone here and there is always someone here to give you a bit of advice or a virtual hug if you need it.. stick with us here and I'm sure the weight will be off in no time ! don't ever be embarrassed about being overweight... it's not like you planned it ... and as others have said you've taken the 1st steps to doing something about it by joining this forum so stand tall and stay focused.... YOU can do this x

Thank u! Xx

Hi, welcome to us, one thing I thought I should tell you is that I have never been a big eater and used to mainly eat a sandwich for lunch and my evening meal as well as the occasional treat but we could never understand why I was always struggling with losing weight and why I even put it on in the first place. Since coming on here I have found out that it is probably because I have never been eating enough calories. If you do the NHS bmi checker to check your weight and calories this will tell you what your weight should be and how many calories you should be eating daily. When you know how many you should be having make sure you stick to this amount because this is what will be safe for you to lose weight otherwise you create more body fat as your body will believe it is being starved and this is why I have never lost weight and just keep putting it on. Now I am eating more than before and losing weight because I am sticking to my calorie intake.

Thank u...I've downloaded an app and I've checked what calories I should be eating...I've kept the app updated with all I've ate and still have 185 to use this evening! Weird really as I'm more hungry today n I've ate more than I would normally! X

izzy1981Nursing Mum 2020

You have come to the right place everyone on here is very supportive and friendly just take it day by day and set yourself small targets

rjay958 stone

Hi Linzi

I totally understand when you say "too embarrassed to go to any classes, or gym etc due to my weight", i was exactly the same and still im, i exercise where i feel comfortable so thats my living room, and just walk longer, thats its, & its free too :), and you say you want to lose 5stdefiantly achievable,start off small "change habits" and don't rush things or do something your not comfortable with, you will find your stride and what works for you.

I started at 19st 12lbs at 19yrs old, i found routine really boosted my weight loss, as my job is the same hours 5 days a week, i now weight 12st 5.2lbs, so over 7stone gone :D, the process is about change, start at home (foods, drinks etc) and build up the strength to take it each day at a time....

Best of luck

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