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Update on scales lol

Well I got the scales on Saturday and took them back on Sunday as they were all singing all dancing and was going to tell me more than I wanted to know. I ordered some different ones which came today set them up and I'm frightened of them in case they made me more than the previous ones got hubby to weigh himself and they made him a stone heavier. What a stupid silly person I am thought I was stronger than that. I will have to stand on them at some point but at the moment I cant face it. Sorry everyone for off loading. -:) x x x

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I weighed myself yesterday....reluctantly and was heavier than my husband at 16st (who's quite muscular and 6ft). I'm only 5'2 so have a long way to go! X


I weigh more than my hubby but the scales telling me I'm a stone heavier than I thought is not good x x


I was a stone heavier than I thought too!! The shock lol! Xx

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Awww! I have always been scaleaphobic if that's even a word lol.

I had a doctors appointment last week and she weighed me with clothes, coat and boots on hence I was 6lbs heavier than in the morning on mine.

I got so obsessed mine were not measuring right I had my husband stand on them holding bags of sugar to check the lbs were adding up right. What an idiot I am but nether less felt better when I knew they were OK.


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