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Why do we self sabotage

Hi Everyone,

We know we have to diet

We know exercise and eating well is the way to go

We know more protein, fat and less carbs are good

We know sugar, cream, cakes, chocolate and much more is bad for us

We shed the stones and pounds

We are looking good


We hit the chocolate

We eat the food bad for us or consume more than we should

We convince ourselfs we are hungry when not

We even miss excerising

But why do we do this?

My sweet tooth is worse than ever, I'am always hungry even after eating more than I should waking up during the night starving. It may have something to do with getting over a cold but that was over a month ago and in November 2016 my dr took me off HRT so going through menopause hot flushes big time.

This will stop but it is going to be hard.



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I don't know why we eat the wrong things even when we know we shouldn't. I guess when we do we just start again straight after. As long as the healthy food takes over and we eat the wrong stuff less often it's better than before. Good luck!

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It's a bit like quitting smoking (not that I ever have). The longer you can go without feeding the craving, the less of a hold the craving has over you.

Look at what you're eating with your meals. Avoid "low calorie" or "low fat". Look out for foods that contain good fats (non-saturated). Even a small amount of them will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Oily fish, avocados, nuts, fresh fruit... Carbohydrates (thinks like bread products) will give you an instant "hit" but you'll feel hungry again an hour after eating whatever it is...

Keep the sweet stuff out of the house. Keep a supply of nuts (brazil, walnuts, pecans). Keep a supply of boiled eggs in the fridge. If you need to snack, go for things that will give you fuel. But ideally, you should try and and cut the snacking habit, as it causes your insulin levels to rise and fall. Best to eat plenty at meal times...


Spot on Pineapple 👌


I don't believe there are any "wrong" or "bad" foods. But I do know that I am guilty as anyone in overeating on occasions and spoiling my previous efforts!


Hi I can really relate to that I know for me if I restrict some foods I always end up binging ! I try and trick my brain by telling it ok you can eat whatever you want but within 1400 calls I don't feel deprived and usually make the right choices then. I need to be 1 step ahead of my head !! 🙃

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Yes, I agree its important not to cut out any foods completely.

But we do have to learn to behave differently around the foods that we enjoy and "call out" to us!

When we can have those foods in the house and manage to limit ourselves to a small, measured daily quantity (within our calorie allowance) then we know we have it cracked!

It takes patience and practice, as does learning any new skill.

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Hormones can really mess you up! Thankfully the menopause doesn't last forever. Will power will only get you so far when your body is in a state of flux.

Your very sweet tooth and hunger at night may mean that your body is having a problem coping with insulin. Perhaps you have cut the carbs too much? Or you are eating simple carbs instead of complex ones? Cutting out the sugar is really important if you haven't already done so. Once you are over the cravings it should be possible to have the occasional cake etc without going into craving mode.

Another suggestion to explain sugar cravings is that you are lacking enough magnesium in your diet. Perhaps try eating bananas if you don't already.

Have a google of the effects of the menopause on the body and mind, there's a lot of information out there.

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Menopause and google are not a great combination in my experience. We just have to get through it! My big issue is insomnia and night sweats, I've tried every suggestion I could search for but the side effects are worse than the problem! I honestly think we need rewiring at 50...

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Apart from HRT, which I had for a while, I found that photo- oestrogens seem to help a bit (soya products etc). Had to avoid alcohol and coffee for some time, thankfully I am now past the worst. But you're right... we do indeed just have to get through it.

I think this site is reasonably helpful, as far as anything is.


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Thank you everyone for your replies.

Last night I ate the rest of my chocolate orange and have made myself a promise if I do not touch chocolate till Saturday I will have a glass of wine, if I eat it then my worse punishment to organise my shed yuck.


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