Is it too late to eat a roast tonight b4 weigh in tomorrow morning?

Hi guys and gals. Just wondering if anyone can help with my question. I have my weigh in tomorrow after doing this calorie counting for a week. What I want to know is if i eat a roast dinner at about 7 o clock tonight, will it affect the scales in the morning. I still have around 1000 calories left and I'm wondering what to cook. (I haven't had a roast since last sunday. Thanks peeps. :D x


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8 Replies

  • A roast dinner is perfectly healthy, as long as you are careful with portions ☺

    Good luck for tomorrows weigh-in ☺

  • The only thing I'm worried about really is it won't have time to digest in 12 hours I don't think. :D

  • Unfortunately you have to have dinner! :) so when u weigh tomorrow, yes a bit of it might be roast dinner, but when you weigh the week after, a bit of that will be dinner from the night before! So try not to worry too much about it. Just portion control and stick to your calories :)

  • True, However, I've decided to cook a healthy chicken stirfry instead. I made it the other day (my own version) and was amazed at how few calories was in it. Only 68 calories per 100g. Yay!! So I still have half of my ingredients left that needs using up. :D

  • You shouldn't worry too much about how a meal will affect your weight the following day. Weight does fluctuate quite surprisingly from day to day. It's not just about quantity, but also how your body reacts to come foodstuffs - for example, I try to avoid bread, pasta as I know it gives me an awful bloated feeling.

    1,000 calories should give you a decent roast dinner - unless you're having lamb with lots of fat, dark chicken with lots of skin - oh, and watch the condiments - things like horseradish and mint sauce, if shop bough, contain a surprising amount of sugar (and calories).

    Try to cut down on the number of roast potatoes you prepare, use oil sparingly (I use about 10ml (2 tsps) for two of us. No need to have Yorkshire puds. Make sure that the bulk of your plate are nice, healthy and low calorie vegetables (carrots, cabbage, sprouts, swede, etc)

    Hope the weigh in tomorrow goes well.

  • Thank you Pineapple27, I always cut off excess fat from meat and remove Chicken skin anyway, I use 1cal spray for my roasties, these are good habits I picked up from a couple of years ago. My problem with roasts is portion size and oodles of gravy (nom) but I am using a smaller plate now for all my meals. I've decided against a roast dinner tonight, going to cook my tasty low cal stirfry chicken instead instead and cook a roast tomorrow. Best to have a roast at the beginning of my week I think, then I can work round it LOL. ;)

  • Yeah! Saw you'd cooked your stir-fry after I'd posted! Let us know what the loss is tomorrow?! :D

  • I will, hoping there is a loss. All week I have had 9898 calories which averages out at 1414 a day, The IBM calculator states I should be aiming for (lowest) 1420 per day. So science says I should of lost weight but we'll see, Lol. :D

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