So it's begun

First day (proper) on the diet.

Started the day with a slice of toast and a cup of tea, and tried to weigh myself, but the scales I had were the mechanical ones, and I couldnt see the numbers very well so, I decided to go into town and pick up electrical scales from Argos. was about a 2 mile walk, there and back. I weighed myself and for the starting point I am 16st6lbs. (With clothes on. I want to lose at least 2st.

After I weighed myself I went on my cycling machine and was on it for about an hour. At the same time I was using an abdominal belt as well. I then had dinner a little while after, a tin of soup and for tea I am having Spag Bol.

On Wednesday me and my friend are going walking. Either around our country park or in the countryside, we havent decided but it should be about 10k.

Because I am on antidepressant tablets, it is harder for me to lose weight as a side effect is that your weight changes. But I am hoping to keep it up.

To help me with it, when I get to 16stone or below, I will reward myself by getting a DVD or something like that.

I will weigh myself every Monday, and make a record of how much I weigh. To keep it as accurate as possible I will wear roughly the same clothes and weigh myself in the same area each time.

I have stopped having fizzy drinks like cola and am only drinking tea or water. I have cur out alcohol, I never really drank before anyway. I have also cut out fried foods, like instead of having chips I have oven chips and have been having less chips. I have also cut out crisps and I dont put margarine on my toast or bread . My biggest weakness is having a snack in the evening. But I am trying to stick to it.


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12 Replies

  • welcome! :D wishing you all the best in your journey

  • Hi TheWolverine and welcomed of the weight loss forum. Monday's weigh in is currently full so you will be asked to weigh in another day as we do weigh ins most days Monday-Saturday. You can choose any other day. Good luck with you weight loss and take a good look around the site, especially the Welcome Newbies post in the Pinned Post section to the right or bottom of the page if using a mobile. You will hear from one of our administrators shortly to give you further advice.

    All the best!

  • ok thank you. Ive made an excel sheet to monitor my weight

  • Hi TheWolverine and good to see you again.

    Glad you had a good day 😊

  • Hi well done for starting your new regime. I am a bit concerned that you have maybe cut back a bit too much? One of the reasons people fail to lose weight is by not having a decent breakfast. By the time mid morning comes because your blood sugar level is low it is easy to reach for fattening snacks. I know on just 1 piece of toast and a cup of tea I just couldn't manage until lunchtime.

    You are best to have protein for breakfast as well, such as eggs, coz this keeps you feeling fuller for longer as well as providing the necessary fuel for the following few hours. As long as you avoid fried ones (unless you do them in fry light).

    It's also better to have wheat grain bread or at least wholemeal. x

  • ok, Thanks for commenting :) I will from tomorrow, have poached egg on toast. Im keeping away from fried foods, but on a saturday, as a treat I will have a fried egg, but I hardly put any oil in with it.

  • Hi you can buy spray oil which is called fry light or something similar. It has hardly any calories in it so is ok. You should be able to get it at any supermarket. x

  • Thank you, for recommending having an egg, I noticed a difference yesterday when I had one. :)

  • Good! Like I said protein keeps you feeling full for longer. It is also relatively low in calories. Well done. x

  • :) you sound very positive and enthusiastic! Personally I weigh myself with as few clothes on as possible lol to get those extra ounces/grams off! :) you sound like you've made some positive changes and have a good mind set. This forum is a great place to get help and support and people will help to pick you up if / when you fall down :) good luck!

  • Thank you, I have taken your advice and I am having egg on toast for breakfast today. :)

  • Yesterday on my cycle machine I did 10K as well as the belt and a little walking. Today, me and my friend are going for a good 10k+ walk, when I get back, if there is time, I will go on the cycle machine as well as the belt.

    Also today I weighed myself, wearing the same clothes as on Monday, in the same spot and I ve lost 2lb.

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