Anyone care to join me?

So, we are all struggling on through January but I was thinking a mini challenge for February might be something to look forward to. moreless I've never run a challenge - can I just set it up and get it as a pinned post? If I can do it, it will be an exercise based challenge.

If you are interested in joining please let me know and I will get it set up. Dust off those trainers and arm bands, pump up those tyres and find a gym, park, bedroom, lounge or path. February - we are coming to get you!!


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23 Replies

  • Ooooh! How exciting Newbiewl! Tell us more! :)

    Give me an idea of what I'll be signing up for and I'll be there :)

    We'll be happy to pin your post. All challenges are very welcome :)

    Good luck! :)

  • So....I live near Dorney Lake, which is about 5k all the way round. It takes me and my husband about an hour to walk around it when we go. Each week our aim will be to do 150 minutes of exercise and I will let you know how many laps of Dorney we have achieved together. Hopefully we can increase it a little each week. If you are lucky there will be a top ten leader board and even the odd picture of what we are seeing as we go. Any exercise will count as long as you are moving. I don't mind if it's on wheels, legs, in the water, in the garden - as long as it can move us around it will count. You will just need to give me your weekly total. What do you think?!

  • It sounds great, but is very similar to Tailsmo's Long Distance Pathways Challenge, which is open to all and is a distance counter.

    Have you considered the possibility of a time counted challenge, as you're aiming for 150 mins a week, which could include any form of exercise, strength or aerobic and would be calculated in minutes?

  • Oh yes, a time counted challenge would be good ☺

  • Happy to change to a time counter. Maybe the final stats could be how many days of 2017 we have managed to exercise through so far? Open to suggestions so just let me know.

  • If 150 mins is what's recommended per week, that's what we could all aim for, hoping to gradually increase, if possible.

    Any form of exercise would count, but I'd suggest that any walking that we do, is added to Tailsmo's challenge, so that there's no overlap.

    We could include strength exercises, yoga, pilates, aquacise, badminton, etc, etc :)

  • Sounds great and yes happy for walking to move to Tailsmo's challenge. Mine will be everything except walking! Will get it ready to go for the 1st Feb.

  • Fantastic!! Looking forward to it! I really need something to get me focused and this is just the thing! Thank you! :)

  • Me too! I've just booked my first ballet barre conditioning class and I am beyond afraid... if you don't hear from me next week I'm probably still attempting to crawl out of the gym...

  • OMG!!! I'll send the paramedics!!! :D

  • 😂

  • Great idea 💡

  • I may be interested depending on what it is

  • Ooooh yes please ☺ always like an exercise challenge ☺☺☺

  • oooh yes interested, tell me more :D

  • Great idea. Am up for it!

  • Good for you. I'm a 'returner'and have just started the 12 week diet plan. Also first day of Couch Potato to 5K.

  • I'm up for it! Depending on what it is mind...

  • Definitely need a challenge, I'm in

  • Sounds good to me. How many lunges round Lake Dorney. Or how many hours spent strengthing :)

  • Yes please. Sounds a wonderful idea - and loving the idea of someone different running a challenge TheJuggler which will make the whole thing different in itself. I have to say that moreless idea of a timed challenge would have my vote if you thought you could run that. I am sure it would concentrate my mind on increasing the number of minutes activity I did each week, and if I could aim for 150 minutes and then increase it. I am pretty sure my Fitbit does not think I do 150 active minutes a week, even when I am trying for 10,000 steps a day.

  • Sounds good, Ill keep my eye out for the challenge.

  • I would like to join great to have something to keep me motivated😁

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