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Fibro flare, not helpful at all

I started a fibro flare yesterday which means I am in terrible pain all over, generally feel rubbish and the fatigue is off the scale.

This means I am moving even less than usual so that's not helpful but of course I am also so tempted to comfort eat.

I gave in to a bowl of ice cream yesterday which soothed my insides and several biscuits. This flare could last a couple days or a few weeks so the damage could be immense.

This is all slightly off set by feeling unable to go and get food and it being hard work to ask anyone as I have lost my voice :)

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It is a shame that you are in terrible pain and I do feel for you. I have a cold at the moment but I know this this is nothing compared to the poor pain you have. Bless you. If you actually get to see anyone that could go and get the food you need then don't forget you could always write down asking them to get the food for you. I'm sure they will be okay to do this for you. Good luck!


Hello Lori59 I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling unwell 😕 Chronic pain is so debilitating 😕

Are you aware of the Fybromyalgia group on HU? Here is a link to their group.


Best wishes



hi as a fellow fibromite I know all to well the issues around our illness and the uphill struggle to lose weight it causes. I made a decision yesterday that I have got to do something about my weight, I have in the past started and failed through comfort eating my way through packets of biscuits, chocolate, sweets. I'd buy things to bake and eat my way through choc chips, marshmallows, sugar paste in fact anything sweet. I know it won't be easy but this time I have to face the truth, the weight isn't good for my joints. So chin up, ride the storm and move on.


Thank you all so much for your kind words and I apologise for my rudeness in not responding earlier.

I haven't been on the site since I posted.

Back today as I am back to the weight loss regime. Thankfully I didn't put loads back on.


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