Miserable Monday - how to keep motivation up?

I am just 13 days in. Deliberately not weighed or measured myself yet as I know I get demoralised very easily. I suffer from depression but have felt quite a lot better for about a week - I think taking control over my eating (and especially my drinking) have helped, so have felt better. Today, however, I feel the old black mood descending. How do you bounce back from dips in mood, especially when cutting back on comfort food? In these dark days of January what keeps you motivated and moving ahead? I have taken the first step by turning off the news which is SO depressing!


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5 Replies

  • It helps me to be outdoors. Best if there's some nature around me. Beach, woods, or just a park. It also helps me to exercise

    Maybe I should add that I am not suffering from depression but do experience dips in moods and motivation once in a while.

  • I agree with IbenCopenhagen. I wouldn't say I suffer from SAD but I'm not a fan of dark and gloomy days; however since I started running I find I am able to deal with them without any angst and that I walk more in rainy, glum weather.

    I also find asking myself whether eating / drinking what I want will take me closer to or further away from my goal. It's a continual process of reapplication, if you can just try and co-exist with the emotional discomfort rather than engaging with it. Not easy, I know....

  • I would agree with going outdoors, exercise and fresh air get the endorphines buzzing, it doesn't have to be vigorous exercise if you're limited just a brisk walk round the block. Also be gentle on yourself, treat yourself/pamper yourself with a nice bubble bath or a bright nail varnish/scarf if you're a lady or just some time out with a magazine. Otherwise set yourself a mini-task like de-cluttering a drawer that won't seem insurmountable but will give you a feeling of achievement. If all else fails come on here and ask for back up - Good luck!

  • Thank you for replies. Getting out sounds like the number one response, and I as I have a dog, I will have to be doing that later on anyway, so that's good. Also I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize, i.e, getting myself fit, slim, healthy and happier. Also I've been thinking of doing the happiness challenge but on my own, rather than posting everything (a bit too public for me!).

  • Good for you Mazroz - remember this is a journey of small steps - set yourself interim goals, losing half a stone, getting down into the next number etc - that way those baby steps will feel more achievable rather than the often daunting bigger picture - and do that happiness challenge it will help you see the wood for the trees with regard to what is good in your life - all the best :)

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