Hello (again) ....not sure what to do next

Morning everyone

Been on here before 🙄 raving about the low carb high fat diet. Works a treat for me for a short term fix but the food is just too restrictive and repetitive ( for me anyway as not too creative and don't have a lot of spare time).

Now need to continue my weight loss journey but no clue what diet to follow as everything seems to be the opposite of what the lchf diet drills into you ( ie eat full fat cheese, yogurts, avocados, nuts etc). Calorie counting, slimming world, wwatchers all low fat high sugar content stuff and carbs too.

Currently in ketosis so burning fat nicely but otherwise sure this is a good thing long term.

Any advice welcomed as I don't want to undo my good work to date ☺


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9 Replies

  • Personally I would do the NHS 12 week plan and eat healthily - as I see this as eating better rather than a diet :) Only you can make the decision on what you follow :)

    Wishing you all the best on your decision and journey :)

    Onwards and downwards :)

  • Thank you. Isn't the 12 week plan calorie counting?

  • Yep it is calorie counting , but after 2 weeks I found it so much easier - I started a spread sheet and put all my regular foods in so it was easier to count and it's going well - worth a shot and it is healthy as you can eat what you want but eat healthily as well

    Also this is a healthy option as you eat fruit / veg / meat and carbs

  • I agree with cracker10.

    Find out what a healthy calorie allowance is for you (use the NHS BMI calculator) and aim for the middle of it to start with. Then eat healthily within that - you probably already know about eating protein to feel full, healthy fats, plenty of fruit and veg. I don't eat low fat 'diet' foods or anything with artificial sweeteners.

    I think it's a plan I can stick to indefinitely.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you I will look up the bmi calculator thing seems a sensible place to start

  • If you come out of ketosis you may initially gain a small amount as your body will hold onto a little water when you up the carbs but that should be a temporary thing. There is a middle ground between LCHF and high sugar low fat "diet" foods which are very processed (and I don't find they taste good either) .

    Eat protien, low GI carbs and natural fats in sensible quantities with extra veg or salad to bulk it out if you like bigger meals. I'm not counting calories at the moment as the maths annoys me but it is a good idea to know what you calorie allowance is for steady weight loss and weigh your foods if you don't already have a good enough knowledge of calorie content to accurately estimate. (Which I will start doing if my weight loss grinds to a halt!)

    Good luck 😀👍

  • Thank you, I didn't know that about the initial water retention thing but that makes sense.

  • Everything in moderation except fun ☺

    Seriously, you are absolutely right to find a way of eating that suits you long term ☺ We are all different but I'm sure you will find a solution ☺

    Best wishes


  • Ha ha I love the M word and use it with my kids all the time , much to their annoyance

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