Bad week, bad mojo, bad choices

I have most definitely struggled to get back in to things this week, so definitely expecting a gain again.

Reeeaaaaly need to get off of my a** and move on with this. Adding my 3lb gain over christmas, it's taken my 11lb loss, down to 8lbs..... *sad face*

Money is very tight now till payday - what I have left is for petrol, so I've got to get through my remaining foods (which consists of frozen veg, pasta, the mini tins of ravioli and cheese....) Upside is the calorie deficit and increased veg intake might help with losing weight next week - bright side an' all that.

So I've just eaten my dinner, consisting of a sausage pasta bake, looked at my progress chart and now feel like a complete heffa!!!

Actually need a live in trainer to smack food from my hands and get me off of my backside.

Good luck for tomorrow's weigh in peeps!

8lbs down, *only* 50 more to go.......

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  • I live on a tight budget as well. Partially due to my habit of trying to save money whenever possible, partially due to I work time and trying to start my own business. Sometime living on a small budget makes you healthier. cause you have to cook more, buy less ready meals, order less take always, drive less and walk more. Don't get me wrong, who doesn't want more money, guess what I'm trying to say is when it comes to losing weight, a tight budget doesn't have to be a bad thing.

  • That could be very true, I know at least not having the money is going to stop me from buying snacks and take always, so win ha. I plan on really tightening my belt on food buying anyway, just buy the essentials and only allow a small budget for snacks - I know if I have none full stop, I'm going to be more tempted to buy a ton and then feel guilty, so I'll give myself an allowance.

  • Don't look at 50lbs. Look at it in smaller chunks. 7lb chunks perhaps? Each 7lb will be an achievement, you'll look and feel better. You'll start to believe that this can be done, that you can do it.

    Your clothes will feel looser, you'll have more energy.

    Mike a list of all the reasons why you want to lose weight, things like:

    Shop in a regular clothes shop and have more choice for clothes

    Not get breathless when walking

    Not have as much pain in hips / knees

    These are just examples from my head - but try and come up with at least 20 really good reasons as to why this weight loss journey is important to you.

    Each time you feel down about your progress, look at the list. Stick it in a hidden but accessible place (maybe inside a wardrobe door?)

    Do you have a good support network? Partner, kids, a friend - who you can turn to for regular support when you are struggling?

  • Hi WaistAway, as it's been quite a while since you posted on a Monday weigh-in, I wonder if you'd mind weighing on Tuesday, which is a week since your last weigh-in and gives you another day to lose some weight :)

    Thanks and good luck! :)

  • I took a break off over christmas, as I knew I had quite a few meals and obviously the dinner on the day. Which was a nice break to not have to worry.

    I always weigh on Mondays as I go to slimming world to get weighed, I just usually end up forgetting to post on the monday and have to do it tuesday.

  • That's great, just post Monday's weight on a Tuesday every week :)

  • I have had a very bad week you read my post the other day more less and answered me along with others . Which made me feel I had someone listening to me. Well things went from bad to worse with my relation I cannot say goodbye as there is only me l got the police involved. Any way I got rid of some of the bad things gave some away. I have also been looking at vegetarian and vegan diets. That has taken some of my time worries and my hour long walks every day . I also started going to a weekly group heathy hearts that is on Friday morning so I could weight fri pm after3 pm or Saturday morning if that's ok?

  • Friday weigh in is perfect Caroline62 😊

    I hope you have a good week, it's hard when there are other issues in our lives.

    Best wishes


  • It's always a struggle getting going again after a change in routine WaistAway 😕

    You will get there, we are all cheering you on 😊

    Best wishes


  • Have you tired a local market (if you have one) usually the fruit and veg is cheaper. eggs are cheap and versatile. Good luck a**** in gear

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