Not a bad week

I'm ready for my weigh in tomorrow morning. Started at 17st 11lb so a long way to go but if I keep it up, by next December I should be in a really good place. I have spent a lot of my spare time this week looking at calories on various shop websites which has helped me do a good healthy shop on Saturday and I've done some simple meal prep for the next 2 days in work. I'm hoping for about 3lb this week. I did start the week at 1200 cals which left me hungry, and took the advise from this forum to check the NHS BMI calculator and have upped the calories accordingly. I'm vegetarian and have had some filling tasty meals this week, nothing that requires a lot of cooking but simple to do. Will have some more time this coming week and have been looking at some meal ideas on the NHS diabetic site (I'm not diabetic) but they have loads of ideas on there. I've been keeping up with logging onto the forum this week and this has helped me keep on track - it's interesting to get what everyone else is doing and the ups and downs and questions and hints and tips. I have missed my choccy biscuits with a cup of tea but I will be able to still fit in as an occasional treat. Have also chatted to someone a work this week and mentioned this site, she seemed interested in it and wants to lose weight too (about 9 stone) so I'll see if she had a look when I see her next week. Fingers crossed for tomorrow and I hope everyone has had a good week. x


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8 Replies

  • good luck for tomorrow, my weigh day too, have a good evening

  • Thanks - you too

  • That sounds good! Pre-planning is the way to go.

  • Thanks - I've enjoyed doing the planning too - surprising how much you can learn about food if you put the prep in.

  • I am glad that I'm not the only one thinking about the weigh in tomorrow. I lost the first weight easy but I think I don't eat enough. Will see what tomorrow brings. Good luck

  • Good luck for your wi tmw !!! It's mine too and I'm nervous I've never eaten so many calories before so I'm looking forward to my results 👍🍀

  • Thanks and hope you have done well.

  • Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow 😃👍

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