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Hoping for a miracle.(Im New Here)


Have decided to start again 😂going on a weeks holiday so the plan is to start when I come home😡

have put on so much weight since i retired I'm now a whopping

15.st.8 pnds.😠I did manage to come dwn to 14st but got fed up hauling my but down to the class, so who's fault is that I hear you all say !!! 😕

That's me in the middle. Well folks I hope coming on here gives me the the willpower to start again.SO GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND ME.

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jopo3 stone

Miracle - "an extraordinary and welcome event". Yes I think we can help you with that one. :)

Check out the 12 week plan and fill your plate with real food.

Enjoy your holiday and if it's near the coast go for fish and hold the chips :)


It's a lovely photo, good luck!

Enjoy your holiday, have some lovely food. Then when you return note your weight and make a start. You can do it!

Itsbab4 stone

Hi and welcome to this friendly forum 😊

Look at the newbies post on the pinned posts section to the right of the screen where lots of info is listed.

Check your calorie allowance using the BMI calculator and drink plenty of water. Try to up the exercise even if like me it's just more walking.

Nothing is forbidden from the plan you just have to make sure you add up all the calories you have and try to stick to your allowance.

Have a lovely holiday you can start when you return and choose a weighing day that suits you they are now mon-sat no Sunday one.

Any advice needed just shout and someone will be there to help.

Best wishes Bev😊

Good luck


Hello Purplrain and welcome to the forum ☺

If you have any questions or would like a Newbies badge please just ask ☺

Best wishes


The great thing about retirement is that you have more free time! I have used my retirement to turn "losing weight" into my full-time job! But as I have a disability, the cooking and exercise take me much longer. Thankfully I love cooking - and spend a lot of time trawling through on-line blogs to find recipes to try out!

You may want to read my "story" here - healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... but it had to start with changing what I ate. I had to firstly acknowledge that the amount of food I was eating was far too much for my very short (4ft 9") stature, especially bearing in mind that I am mostly sedentary because of my disability.

I used to plan all of my trips out of the house to involve food (garden centre = coffee and cake, shopping = pub lunch, etc). Now I plan and prepare a meal to eat on my return (usually a salad) so that I can eat as soon as I walk through the front door.

It's taken a long time (5 years) and once I got to target in 2014 (lost 4.5 stone, going from 14 stone to 9 stone 3lbs) I realised that the losing was the easy part. I have struggled to maintain and now realise that remaining below 10 stone will have to involve a life long commitment to eating less and healthier foods. I rarely eat bread, pasta, potatoes, rice.

I don't consider exercise to be a part of losing weight. I do regular stretching and Pilates exercises (about an hour each day) to help with my day-to-day aches and pains and to try and maintain my independence. A bit like brushing my teeth, that exercise session is more of a preventative measure rather than to allow me to each more!

Have a great holiday - sadly for me, I know that I'll always bring home a little "souvenir of my holidays" - a few additional lbs! But as soon as I am home, I am straight back on it and that temporary gain is usually sorted and gone within 2 - 3 weeks.

I hope that you take this message in the spirit it is intended - I know I make it sound easy and straight forward, and believe me when I say I know losing weight is anything but :D

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