5:2 - to do or not to do?

Anyone else out there on the 5:2? I am finding it hard to stay on 1400 calories everyday (been doing it for four weeks now, but Christmas did get in the way!) and i am thinking of doing the 5:2 for a few weeks. I did it two years ago and results were really good. Lost inches more than pounds so was delighted. So I am thinking of giving it a go again starting tomorrow. I remember last time I kept telling myself that calorie restriction was just for one day, so I am hoping I can stick with it again. So is there anyone out there also giving it a go? Happy to gee along a buddy 😀


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15 Replies

  • I have been pondering - but a modified 5:2- been checking out Mike Mosley.

    Maybe next weekend - yes maybe next weekend....feel a bit more determined ....

  • Morning Trimmerteacher

    My scales are going down whilst I am adopting the "Flour less diet"

    So basically I eat high quality protein, above ground vegetables and salad, nuts, berries, hard fruit like apples and pears. Drink plenty of water. Small amount of dairy. It sounds limited but isn't, I feel like I'm eating real food.

    I'm trying to listen to my body.

    Heck just read that all back and it sounds all a bit pompous, not meant at all.

    Still drinking coffee and had tandoori prawns last night so I'm no Angel.

    5:2 plan does work for some and I hope you give it a go again and let us know how you get on. Sending a massive positive thought to you right now, so big you must have felt it xx

  • I did! 🤗

  • Sounds like the BSD (see below) that I am doing. But no bread, grains, wheat, pasta, rise, potatoes for me. Plus calorie controlled. Just for 8 weeks, then follow the principles outside of the 8 weeks, have a break of at least 2 weeks and then do another 8 weeks, depending on whether or not you need to lose more.

    It's anticipated that you can lose 10% of your body weight in 8 weeks. I did 7 weeks (as I then went on holiday). 10% of my body weight was 15lbs, and I lost 13lbs, which I was very pleased with.

    Just started on Round 2, put about 11lbs back on over a 2 week holiday and Christmas. About 4lb more than when I finished the last 8 weeks. Into week 2 this week.

    My weight loss over the 7 weeks went like this:

    Start weight = 10st 11.4lbs

    WEEK 1 21/10/16 - 6.4lbs loss - 10st 5lbs

    WEEK 2 28/10/16 - 1.4lb loss - 10st 3.6lbs

    WEEK 3 04/11/16 - 1.8lb loss - 10st 1.8lbs

    WEEK 4 11/11/16 - 0.6lb gain - 10st 2.4lb

    WEEK 5 18/11/16 - 2.0lb loss - 10st 0.4lb

    WEEK 6 25/11/16 - 1.0lb loss - 9st 13.4lb BACK IN THE 9's!

    WEEK 7 02/12/16 - 1.0lb loss - 9st 12.4lb

    WEEK 8 06/12/16 - Holiday

    Given that I don't have masses to lose any longer, I felt that it gave me the huge weight loss boost I needed ahead of the holiday and Christmas.

  • I don't think anyone should worry about sounding pompous is they are sharing what works for them! We will all have little bumps in the road and need support to overcome them. We are here for one another when the going gets tough, or when some congratulations are due for our successes!

  • Hi Trimmerteacher I've tried 5:2 and it DOES work, but what got me was the lethargy. It's incredible how tired you feel when you're not eating enough.

    You might find this user's posts helpful.


  • On the BSD (see further posts on this thread) I find I am brimming with energy! I sleep much better, wake at 6am after 7 hours sleep and am wide awake! I annoy my hubbie as I am doing housework at 8.30pm - not just little bits, but major vacuuming, etc.

  • That's interesting! I came across Gingernut 2 years ago when I did the 5:2 last time. Wonder where she is now?

  • That's good. No idea 😊

  • I liked 5:2 and used it as a tool to weight loss for 2 years. The thing I liked about it was the huge feeling of control it gave me over food. I would start a Fast day thinking "I'm stronger than the hold food has over me!" I would save the majority of my calories for my one meal a day, usually eaten about 5pm. I would use about 100 calories on tea and coffee. I would drink lots of water and fruit teas (about 4 cals for the fruit tea).

    It's good as long as you can commit to two days a week of Fasting. If you have a very hectic life, it's a bit more difficult. The other thing I liked about it was it made me more mindful of "picking", eg, walking past a leftover chocolate or sweet and just "popping" it into my mouth.

    Happy to answer any questions you have. If you are someone who needs to eat little and often, it may not work. My sister needs to eat regularly or she feels ill and light headed. Mind you, she's very active so probably burns ten times more calories than I do!

    I'm now doing the 8 week blood sugar diet (also Michael Mosley) - 8 weeks at 800 calories cutting out anything with lots of sugar, most fruits, cutting carbs (no rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, parsnips). I find this easier, as I can east every day and if I am off to the pub for lunch, there is always something on the menu (ham egg and chips with salad in place of chips). If you tell the restaurant or pub you are "gluten intolerant" or make them aware of the no carb rule, they're very accommodating.

  • oooo - i did the 8 week blood sugar, and like you, Pineapple, wasn't diabetic or anything, just overweight. I found it so easy and came down from my 10st 6 or 7lb, to below 10st - currently, with Christmas tasty bits still knocking around the house, maintaining 9st 8lb. Once all biscuits (just one or two a day allowed) have gone, I'll start my 8 weeks again. But I find all the meals filling and I definitely do not miss any of the carbs. Once I hit my ideal weight, I might start introducing some carbs, but only if I fancy eating them. I think it's a brilliant diet - or should I say a brilliant forward way of eating.

  • Thanks Pineapple, helpful response! 😀

  • You could always try it and find out. I think upping your natural fat intake for a week or two every month is a better strategy because it will stop your body becoming accustomed to the 1400 kcal diet, preventing your homoeostatic balance veering towards slowing your metabolism.

    All the best whatever you decide.

  • I had some low calorie days when I was ill and I was properly cranky about it! Not sure if I could do it when I was well, as being ill probably contributed to the grumpiness and general unwell feeling. I had been considering it before that but now not sure.

  • Well when you're not feeling well isn't probably the best time to do 5:2. Like approaching all new eating regimes (hate the word diet), you need to be in the right frame of mind, in the "zone" as someone else put it. I'm on my first proper fast day for 15months. I'm feeling really great at the moment. I had 75gm of blueberries, 43 cal, for breakfast (because psychologically I need to eat first thing, no other reason). I have just had homemade Rosemary Conley lentil and tomato soup, 89 cal, for lunch and have planned homemade shepherds pie, 274 cal with carrots and broccoli, 60 cal, total 492 cals. I drink loads of water in between and a few cups of black decaf coffee. I know it works for me. I lost 10lb in 12 weeks back in 2015 and dropped a dress size. Last year due to a back injury, I put it all back on and some, but it's only now when I am physically well and in the "zone" that I feel I can do it again. It's worth a try, lismcl. 😊

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