I haven't posted for a few weeks and I've not been able to weigh myself as my scales broke, (my two year old found them and decided they were appropriate for bouncing on, since they were cheap digital ones it broke the screen) I'm currently waiting for a new one to turn up.

I think I'm suffering from the January blues as I've come away from my diet and been indulging to much, just to cheer myself up a little. I have also lost all motivation for trying to do any exercise, I did start back kickboxing Thursday in the hopes that it would boost my mood but it doesn't seem to have helped so far. I'm feeling like no one understands the difficulties I'm having, which isn't true, it's more that the people around me are resistant to change and my determination seems to drain to empty and I have to start again after I've recharged, only problem is I recharge and pile on the pounds too.

I am posting this, not for sympathy but for other people who are having problems with their diet and sticking to goals, you are not alone, it can be a constant challenge and food is something none of us can just give up but we will get to our goal weight and maintain it while eating a healthy, balanced diet, just don't give in :)

Thank you for reading


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8 Replies

  • Morning Debbie. I read your post and tears prickled at the back of my eyes. I was on the verge of posting something similar myself. I am finding it so hard to recapture the spark and sense of wanting to lose the pounds since Christmas, infact if I am being really honest, most of December.

    I haven't been on my exercise bike this week either. Really not like me at all.

    I weighed myself this morning and it's not pretty. 14 stone 4 pounds and I was 13 stone 11.75 before Christmas. There I've said it.

    What am I going to do to get back on track? Well, new week, new start. I weighed my muesli out this morning and I am going to restart proper calorie counting again. Doing dry January, which is OK, but I do miss a glass of wine at the weekend. Going to not eat after 6 pm either. Just a hot drink in the evening.

    It's the evenings that I am finding tricky. Picking at crisps etc which was a habit I thought I had moved on from. I am not touching them from now on because I have told everyone here that I won't. I think you summed it up in your post when you called it the January blues.

    Let's support each other, draw a line and move on. Xx

    PS I am so grateful for your post as it has helped me to face up to my apathy. Xx

  • Thank you for your response, it does mean a lot. It is hard to get motivated, I keep telling myself just do this little bit of excercise, or do extra steps, and evenings are the worst for snacking but as you said draw the line, today has been a better day x

    Good luck and you have my support x

  • Haven't had a snack this evening - had a coffee. Put a 'call the midwife' programme on iPlayer and biked 13 km on my exercise bike. Just finished. I feel like i am getting back on course again. We can get these evenings back under control. Xx

  • That is great news, you are on a roll. I've not snacked but will be having a warm drink before bed. Currently everything feels under control. Xx

  • We can do this. Xx

  • One of the reasons I like this site is that there are people who openly say how hard it is to change your eating and exercise habits. The media are full of jolly upbeat articles and programmes telling us to eat this and that and leave out something - do it for a week or two and all will be fine. This just isn't true for most of us. It's a struggle.

    But here we can be honest about the struggle and the setbacks. Of course that makes success all the more significant.

    So MummyDebbie WELL DONE for posting. WELL DONE for not just giving up when the scales were broken. WELL DONE for trying kickboxing.

    You will do it. We all will.

  • Thank you, your reply had me smiling and has kept me motivated as it helps me confirm I'm heading in the right direction x

  • Hi MummyDebbie - I remember those days with a toddler - they can be so challenging! How about starting by filling up your fruit bowl and making a lovely homemade soup? Then you have the basics of healthy breakfast and lunch easily to hand - by the time you get to the end of the day, you will have already made a couple of good choices so a little indulgence for supper won't be so significant.

    You don't say what your particular indulgences are, but I have discovered Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn, which always seems like an indulgence, but is under 90 cals a bag (if you can find the multipacks of six). Someone else on here suggested cutting up an apple and cubes of cheddar, which also sounds appetising. I think having healthy snacks nearer to hand than the naughty ones really helps.

    And your instinct to exercise is surely the way to go - getting those feel-good endorphins going. Others on this forum pointed me to Lesley Sansone's Youtube Happy Walk (1 mile) and it only takes 15 mins and is very uplifting (I think so anyway!).

    I hope you feel better next week, I am sure you will. Some blue sky and sunshine would be very welcome by all of us right now, I think!

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