The diet starts tomorrow

Yesterday we did our weekly shopping, focusing on healthy eating. The food we bought cost about the same as in our unhealthy days, but we bought enough food for two weeks! I had been worried that a healthier lifestyle would be more expensive but it seems that I was wrong. When we got home with the shopping, I was actually looking forward to some 'proper' food.

BTW, I know that I posted my weight and my intention to lose weight last week. The diet starts tomorrow because we spent this week using up the last of our unhealthy food. Hubby and I both want to lose three stone. Wish us luck!


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  • How did you buy healthy food to last weeks? I struggle as veg doesn't last that long but I do buy some frozen. Good luck!

  • We do rely on frozen vegetables. There's nothing wrong with them. They're as nutritious as fresh vegetables and keep longer.

    Two weeks of main meals for the price of one week's worth of unhealthy ready meals seems like a good deal to me.

  • We even buy the frozen Ones chopped up because we are lazy plus we buy a kg of meat and chop it up to make 4 meals and freeze it. We are lazy cooks but don't eat processed stuff anymore!

  • Cool name! It'll be good to take this healthy eating journey with hubby, exercising together, encouraging each other, and shedding those 3 stones. Good luck...xx

  • All sounding very positive CheerfulDragon

    Good luck and Best wishes ☺

  • I often have a session of chopping up fresh carrots before they go off and then freezing them in portion in sandwich bags then just pull. Out to cook. I don't like shop bought frozen carrots. I do like frozen sprouts. I'd say they are my most used veg. I love cabbage too. I also use quite a bit of fresh spinach and broccoli and make soup with that.

  • I love green vegetables like sprouts, cabbage and spinach but Hubby won't eat them. There's a chemical in that family of vegetables that can make them taste bitter if you're sensitive to it. He doesn't like the bitter taste, I do. So I'll probably have to cook two lots of vegetables, just so that I don't miss out on the ones I like. Some are available frozen, others will have to be prepared by Hubby. My health issues cause me problems with chopping food.

  • Ah yes...That rings a bell...I think I did know that

  • I'm sure you'll do brilliantly, doing it with someone else makes it easier too as you can both encourage and spur one another on 😊 Good luck!

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