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Hi I don't think I am going to be able to record my weight on Monday my scales are broken stood on them yesterday and the numbers were going mad not only the lbs but stones as well so its looking like new ones but the ones I want I have to order so it may be a few days before I know how I'm doing what a time to breakdown. I have to see the nurse on Wednesday and if I havnt lost any weight by then she is going to write me off the thought makes me feel sick. but I will keep at it and doing my best and hope the numbers on the new scales will be kind to me. Have a good weekend everyone x x -:)

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Morning Charley65

Don't worry about not being able to weigh in on Monday do it when you get your new scales. Have you taken your measurements as that is a nice way sometimes to see how you are losing weight.

When you see the nurse on Wednesday tell her what your doing and that your using the forum for support she will understand. I know I have to see my consultant every 3 months and he always moans about my weight, but he just sent me a letter which made me laugh saying "I am pleased to say that she has lost 12kgs". He can stop moaning now! lol.

Enjoy your weekend.

Thank you so much for your kind support. I wish I had someone as nice as your consultant the nurse has made it quite clear no loss this time that's it no more help she gave me a stay of grace the last time because it was Xmas. Just found some new scales not what I wanted all singing all dancing ones lol prob going to tell me more than I want to know lol No I don't use a tape measure I always think there is not enough numbers on it for my size lol x x -:)

YellowRose554st 7lbs in reply to Charley65

Just remember there is lots of support here from everyone on the forum. oh those scale sound good. lol. x

wa2un7Maintainer in reply to Charley65

If that is her attitude, she does not deserve the title of " nurse". Her job is to support you not abandon you. You are trying and surely she realises that. If she is s practice nurse could you not see the doctor instead. Surely he would be more supportive. Keep your chin up💐


Betty, you tell her that you've lost 1lb per week, since you started and that, as an employee of the NHS, she should know that is just what is recommended!

I suggest she checks her facts and figures before dishing out ill-advised and irresponsible ultimatums!

We know you're doing a terrific job and will always be here to support you! :)

nteapea1st 7lbs

Oh Charley65 you are doing really well. Your nurse makes me so cross. Keep going 😀 With us ❤️️


I wonder if you're better off without the pressure of such a negative nurse who isn't willing to appreciate your progress and the effort you are putting in?

Don't let the nurse get to you, just keep doing what you're doing and try your best :) I think new scales are so exciting. Can't wait for mine to break so I can get some fancy ones! :)

I am sure you have done this but if not have you changed the batteries in the scales. When mine need changing i stand on them and it can keep flashing up different numbers. I am sure that even without the scales if you are sticking to your calorie allowance and trying to move a bit more then i am sure u will have lost some weight. Shame on that nurse! You can do this!

Hi Muffintop Yes I have changed the batteries and the scales are still all over the place but because they are still under garuantee Amazon have given us a refund as I couldn't get the scales I wanted due to being out of stock I have been and brought some all sing all dancing ones lol I bet they do everything except make me about 8 stone lighter lol But as long as they do the trick that's the main thing and eventully I get the result I need. Hope your having a good weekend and thank you so much for your very kind support x x

Oh glad you got a new set of scales coming. Yes its a shame they can't make the weight disappear! But you will soon do that for yourself i am sure. Hope that nurse is pleased with you on wednesday 😊

I took the scales back as they were going to tell me too much info knowing how much I weigh is bad enough without knowing about bones/fluid/muscle ect I have ordered some basic scales be nice if they say I'm about 8 stone lighter lol I can only wish -:) thank you for your very kind support, the nurse well not holding my breath on that outcome. x x -:)

joanie-o1 stone

That nurse is there to care for you ago for it nd encourage you, not make you feel unhappy about yourself. Don't take her attitude to heart, with all the support on this forum you can achieve your goal without her. Go for it girl we're all behind you. Lots of hugs x

joanie-o1 stone

My screen was jumping all over the place so first sentence of my reply is gobbledygook! Should read that the nurse is there to care for you and encourage you.

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